Video of Last Years Event Where We Rallied to Stop The Non-Judicial Foreclosure Bill


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UPDATE: March 7th 2011

Bus Schedule | March 9, 2011: Second Annual Freedom Ride & Rally in Tally for Combatants of Illegal Foreclosures

Bring evidence of fraud, pillow, cooler, drinks & snacks, change of clothing, toiletries, sunscreen, hat, your protest signs, $30 roundtrip for the bus if you haven’t pre-registered, money for meals.  You may leave items on the bus during the day, but the buses will be parked off site & inaccessible.  Call your legislators & elected officials to make appointments to see them while you are there for the day.


MIAMI – Golden Glades park and ride–151st and NW 7th ave–9pm——
FT LAUDERDALE – Publix parking lot on Commercial and 441-Near Wachovia–10pm–
PALM BEACH PLAZA – Lake Worth Turnpike Rest Stop –  West Palm Beach Travel Plaza Florida’s Turnpike Mile Marker 94. Lake Worth, FL 33467 Palm Beach Plaza–10:30pm—-

PALM BEACH – We are changing the PALM BEACH to the PERKINS right off the Lake Worth turnpike exit, immediately east of the exit on the north side of the road. 10:30pm

STUART/FT PIERCE – Ft Pierce Turnpike Plaza–11:30pm—–
COCOA – Rest Area Mile Marker 209–1am—–
DAYTONA – Rest Area Mile Marker 255–1:30am—-
JACKSONVILLE (GreyHound Station) –2:30am–
10 North Pearl Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202-4618
(904) 355-1488
OUTSIDE TALLY – Tallahassee rest area is Mile Marker 194 – eat, freshen up, change-

FLORIDA CAPITOL – The designated unloading/loading zone for buses is on Duval Street, across from the Florida Supreme Court Building and right at the dolphin fountains

10am – 4:30pm set up in Waller Park (Dolphin fountain facing the Florida Supreme Court).  We’ll have a tent set up.  We are collaborating with
9:30- 12pm Schedule appts with your representatives in the Florida Congress & Senate.

12:30-2pm lunch and networking (We’ve been invited to eat at the SOUP KITCHEN IN WALLER PARK hosted by )

2:30pm-3:30pm WALLER PARK (Dolphin Fountain facing the FL Supreme Court) Press conference with speakers

3:30-4:30 interviews with press

5pm board buses to head home.


UPDATE: March 2nd 2011

Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY!


Get involved!

1.  Sign up!

Go to or

Click on Donate/Paypal link.  The cost to ride the bus is $30/person, please donate a small additional amount if you are able to help defray the costs of the event.  Pay an appropriate amount and add note in space available, the names of the persons who will be attending and your city, which we will use to map out the bus route.

If you are unable to attend, consider donating towards the cost of this event.

2.  Agenda:

March 8.

Starting in the late evening in Miami on March 8th, traveling throughout the night on to early morning of the 9th buses will travel up the east & west coasts of FL picking up participants along the way at centrally located rest stops.

March 9.

Call now and make appts with your elected representatives!  We will meet individually with our legislators in the morning, break for lunch, and then have a mass rally in Waller Park.  The Rally will feature foreclosure defense attorneys and activists speaking about timely topics and current/proposed legislation.

Following the Rally the press will interview individual homeowners.

Between 5-5:30 the buses will load up and start back, dropping people off along the way.

March 10.

Buses drop the final participants off at the Miami point or origin.

3.  What you can do to prepare and participate.

Make an appointment with your legislators in the morning hours.

Condense your foreclosure nightmare into succinct talking points, no more than 5-6, max.

Keep the focus on the fraud:  fraudulent promises, fraudulent affidavits and other documents, etc.  Make copies of the documents to leave with your lawmakers.

Make your own signs, with slogans like:  Stop/Fight FORECLOSURE Fraud, Restore INTEGRITY to our Courts, DISBAR Attorneys who “practice” FRAUD, Put the Crooks in JAIL, etc.

Bring money for meals and incidentals, laptops, cell phone chargers.

Bring a spare shirt/extra clothes and personal items to freshen up.

Bring friends!

Put notices on comment boards and Craigs List; contact local foreclosure defense attorneys and invite their clients; write a letter to the editor, etc.

Forward this to everyone you know.

The politicians work for US, not the banks!

Make your voice heard – loud and clear!



March 9, 2011 Second Freedom Ride & Rally in Tally for Combatants of Financial Fraud that led to Illegal & Wrongful Foreclosures

Time: March 8, 2011 at 11pm to March 11, 2011 at 7am
Location: Buses to pick up along routes on the east & west coast
of FL, ride all night to Tallahassee by March 9th in the AM

Street: Florida State Capitol
City/Town: Tallahassee, Florida
Event Type: freedom ride, rally, protest
Organized By: Florida’s Foreclosure Activists and Foreclosure Fraud Fighting Attorneys

Remember the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights Era?

Well, they say history repeats itself so send this link to every media outlet and social media page (Facebook, etc) in your local area! Informed, they can capture for posterity this historic event.

Get on the bus late on March 8th to arrive in Tallahassee early morning March 9th!

Floridians from across the state gather together and make a pilgrimage to their state capitol to raise their voices in unison singing of the moral, ethical, legal, and criminal issues behind the national foreclosure crisis and global economic downturn. This is not just for homeowners! We are ALL reduced by the actions behind the mortgage frauds and scams. Tenants! Anyone who relies on any public service funded by our now shrunken tax revenues! Anyone owning any property at all, fully paid off or not. Any business owner! Unemployed family members! Credit card/bank account fees victims! Those with drained 401Ks and college savings accounts!

We will be heard along with the Florida Bankers Association on their “Capitol Day” on March 9, 2011. Florida Bankers, guess what? You wanted a “Taste of Florida”? You are gonna get one! We are having our own “Capitol Day” too! But our collective voices will be a harmony; louder, clearer, unwavering, and with a foundation firmly planted in the historical roots of our country as a nation for WE, THE PEOPLE!

On the Night of March 8th two buses leave from Miami, each traveling up a different Florida coast heading North to Tallahassee, picking up Floridians along the way.

$30 roundtrip – reserve your spot today. (Use contact form above)

Preliminary Schedule

7:30am arrive in Tally to freshen up and eat breakfast

9:30- 12:30 pm Schedule appts with your representatives in the Florida Congress & Senate.

12:30-2pm lunch and networking

2:30pm-3:30pm Press conference with speakers

3:30-4:30 interviews with press

5pm board buses to head home.

We will be posting updates to the site as they come in.

Let’s get organized Florida. Our homes and futures depend on it…

If you would like to donate for this event, it would be greatly appreciated. We are looking to raise about $6,000 to pull this off between the buses, sound stage, signs and other related expenses…

Even if we loaded up each bus, 50 people at $30 a head, we still come up way short.

Last year, Ice Legal sponsored the east coast bus and Mark Stopa sponsored the west coast bus.

If you would like to sponsor a bus, or maybe even partially sponsor a bus, contact us through the contact form above.

It appears some members of the press are looking to ride on the buses so it would be good exposure for your business.

We would also include your company’s name in all of our upcoming press releases.

Below are some links to last years event. Hope to see you there…



Tips anyone?

Donations Greatly Appreciated


LINK – HB 1523 & SB 2270 – Homeowner Relief & Housing Recovery Act & the Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act for Nonhomestead Properties – STOP the Madness of Nonjudicial Foreclosures in Florida

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