Palm Beach County foreclosure activists joining statewide rally today in Tallahassee

By Kimberly Miller

Palm Beach County homeowner advocates have organized a bus trip to Tallahassee this week hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing plight of people in foreclosure and concerns they have about how banks are repossessing homes.

Two buses are expected to leave Miami today at about 8 p.m., scooping up people on both coasts as they make their way to Tallahassee.

The 2011 legislative session begins today.

Foreclosure Hamlet and Foreclosure Fraud, both of which helped bring attention to the issues of so-called “robo-signing” and other questionable foreclosure activities, planned the trip. It is being supplemented by several South Florida law firms, but riders must also pay $30.

As of late Monday, about 50 people had signed up to ride on the buses. Another 50 have said they will drive on their own.

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