I think I just threw up in my mouth…

Not only does this guy not pay his bills, now he doesn’t want to perform the work for cases in which he is responsible for.

Stern says law firm went “above and beyond” considering circumstances

by Kim Miller

David J. Stern, who once led the largest foreclosure law firm in the state, said his company went above and beyond reasonable expectations in handling the files of former clients after losing all of its business last fall within a 21-day period.

In a letter sent Friday to Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc, Stern responds to Blanc’s concern that the firm is not properly withdrawing from its foreclosure cases, leaving as many as 100,000 statewide in limbo. Palm Beach County has about 9,000 Stern cases it’s dealing with.

Stern shut down his foreclosure operations March 31, sending a letter to judges to handle former cases as they deemed best.

Blanc, who had not seen Stern’s most recent letter on Monday afternoon, has set up case management conferences for the cases and asked Stern to either be there or make sure new counsel and the defense were aware of the meetings.

“As far as notifying the defendants in the cases, it would not be physically possible for my law firm to notify all of them by U.S. Mail due to my firm’s limited staff, nor do we have e-mail addresses for them,” Stern said in his response.

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David J Stern Letter to Judge Blanc RE Cessation of Legal Services