Here is their side of the story. Was a trash out still justified? Remember, a foreclosure had not been filed.


Media Release

From: Deputy Wendy McGinnis
Public Information Officer, 352-754-6830

Re: Boudreau Foreclosure Investigation Re-opened

Date: July 12, 2011

Case#: 2011-20481

On 06-17-2011 Christopher Boudreau, of 7334 Arizona Street in Brooksville, contacted the
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office to report a burglary to his residence. Mr. Boudreau admitted
to being approximately 4-6 months behind on his payments and moving in with his mother in New Port Richey about a month prior to filing this report. Mr. Boudreau suspected that his
mortgage company, 21st Century Mortgage Company, may be responsible for changing the locks and removing his property due to him being behind on payments. Mr. Boudreau did not believe his mortgage company had a right to change his locks and remove his property; therefore, he wished to pursue burglary and trespass charges against his mortgage company. At the time of the initial report, it was determined this was a civil issue and not criminal in nature. Mr. Boudreau did not agree with the Sheriff’s Office findings; therefore, he hired an attorney who also agreed his client’s case was criminal in nature. Due to the fact Mr. Boudreau and his attorney felt strongly that this was a criminal case, the case was reopened and assigned to a detective who reevaluated the facts. During the investigation, the following information was discovered:

1) The electric service was turned off by the homeowners (Denise and Christopher
Boudreau) on 03/11/11.

2) New electric service was established at the homeowners (Denise and Christopher
Boudreau) residence 13401 Neptune Dr, Hudson, on 03-01-11.

3) The homeowner of 13401 Neptune Dr, Hudson, FL, Barbara Wilkerson, was contacted
and confirmed that Denise and Christopher Boudreau rented and moved into her rental
home in March, 2011. The lease was signed on 02/11/11.

4) Wilkerson is in the process of eviction because the Boudreaus have not paid the rent and
their animals have “trashed” the rental home.

5) A detective spoke with the 21st Century Mortgage Company attorney who advised that
they had contact with the Boudreaus in January of 2011. The Boudreaus agreed to move
out. The mortgage company checked the residence and spoke with neighbors and SHERIFF Al Nienhuis confirmed that the Boudreaus had moved out. The mortgage company hired a company to secure the property and clean it. It was noted that there was nothing of “value” left behind and that the home had been left in horrible condition; the house was unkempt and animal feces littered the entire home. The only thing that was left behind was “garbage and broken damaged furniture.”

6) A detective made contact with two neighbors of Boudreaus on Neptune Dr. and
confirmed that Mr. Boudreau and his wife moved into 13401 Neptune Dr. sometime
between March and April, exact dates were unknown.

7) A detective also made contact with a neighbor of 7334 Arizona St., who advised that the
Boudreaus moved out of their residence prior to Easter. Another neighbor recalls the
power company coming out to the home and disconnecting the Boudreaus power. This
neighbor further stated that the Boudreaus moved out prior to him seeing the power

Based on this follow up investigation, it is clear that nothing was done, regarding the home at
7334 Arizona St, with criminal intent. The original finding of Deputy Greene is confirmed, and no further action will be taken regarding this matter.



Re Boudreau Foreclosure Investigation Re-Opened