Earlier in the week, Congressman Jerrold Nadler sent a letter to IA AG Tom Miller RE the Dismissal of NY AG Eric Schneiderman.

“As members of the New York congressional delegation, we are united in fighting for a fair resolution of the housing crisis that has devastated tens of thousands of families across our state,” the members wrote.  “That is why we are deeply troubled by your recent action to silence New York’s voice by removing New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from an executive committee negotiating a nationwide settlement with the banks.  We ask that you explain how New York’s interests will be protected as negotiations move forward.”

Press release with letter here…

Today, Tom Miller responds with some double speak that has even confused me…

Your letter makes three central assertions 1) that we have removed the New York State Attorney General from the negotiation table, 2) that the removal was about quashing disssent, and 3) that New York’s ability to investigate claims or bring lawsuits has been somehow limited.  All three are incorrect.

1. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman voluntarily walked away from the negotiation table in June

We agree that New York deserves a seat at the negotiation table.  In fact, the multistate group went to great lengths to keep New York’s Attorney General within the core negotiating team.  Mr. Schneiderman however, chose not to join the negotiating team…

2. Attorney General Schneiderman’s removal from the executive committee was not done to quash dissent. 

Your statement that New York was removed to quash dissent is untrue.  From the very first day we began this immense effort, attorneys general on our executive committee have sought and received input from our colleagues from inside and outside our committee and we will continue to do so.  We have welcomed opinions both supportive and critical and we have made adjustments….

The attorneys general welcome and often engage in spirited and, at times, intense debate.  It is in the best traditions of lawyers and public officials.  Attorney General Schneiderman was removed from the executive because he has, over the last several months, undermine our efforts to reach an agreement.  In (pursuing a different path) Mr. Schneiderman and his staff have sought to undermine our settlement efforts through strategic statements outside of the multistate framework and encouraging groups to oppose our settlement negotiations among other efforts.  The New York Attorney like any attorney general has a right to actively oppose an ongoing multistate settlement effort but not while in a leadership role of that same group.

What a bankster shill.

Either he was removed or he refused to join.

Which one is it Tom?

Miller also has no idea about leadership.

Full letters below.




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