Reminder: In 2010 Iowa AG Miller was major recipient of new out-of-state bank & finance money

There’s been a lot of sniping about New York AG Eric Schneiderman’s refusal to go along with Iowa AG Tom Miller in his attempt to construct a “deal” with Bank of America in the robosigning–mortgage fraud scandal. (I put “deal” in quotes because some have called it a “whitewash” instead — more here.)

For example, just this morning, Miller and others got a nice opportunity from the Washington Post to whine their hearts out (Matt’s good coverage of that is here).

And the Obama administration has sided squarely with Miller & the banks against Schneiderman, perhaps because banks are where the money is, and Obama’s got a brand new $1 billion ad campaign to finance.

So it’s useful to be reminded of this, Matt Taibbi at his prognosticative best, writing way back in April (is it really September?) about Tom Miller and his “special relationship” with those banks he’s brokering a deal with (sorry, “investigating”). Taibbi’s italics, my bolding and re-paragraphing below.

Best Way to Raise Campaign Money? Investigate Banks

A hilarious report has come out courtesy of the National Institute of Money in State Politics, showing that Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller – who is coordinating the investigation into the banks’ improper mortgage dealings – increased his campaign contributions from the finance sector this year by a factor of 88!

He has raised $261,445 from finance, insurance and real estate contributors since he announced that he was going to be coordinating the investigation into improper foreclosure practices. That is 88 times as much as they gave him not over last year, but over the previous decade.

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