In support of the Occupy Movement, I installed a banner on the top left corner of the site.

You can add one to your site as well…

From The Occupy Movement Banner Project

Why am I doing this?

I made these banners and put all of this up here for a lot of reasons.

Too many of us hear about events like Occupy Wall Street and do nothing. We’ll nod in agreement and maybe post a comment or two online, but that’s it. Then we go right back to looking at lolcats or watching some absurd “reality” show about horrible people, and we do nothing. We agree that there is a problem, that something is broken, but we sit back and expect someone else do the heavy lifting. Someone else will call my representatives. Someone else will fight for change. Someone else will risk getting arrested or beaten so that I can live a better life.

Something amazing is happening. It’s growing, and we need to continue to spread the word and get more people involved. These little banners are a far cry from actually ungluing your ass from the chair and going to an Occupy protest, but my hope is that they will help get even more people involved. If you do place a banner on your site, thank you. Please don’t stop there. Stand up – literally – for what you believe in.

To show your support and get the code click here…

And for all of you WordPress folks, there is a plugin…