Dear AG Masto: Thank you For Your Courage, Leadership & Common Sense

Dear Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, and your Deputies John P. Kelleher and Robert G. Giunta:

Thank you for your courage, leadership and common sense. To date, no other law enforcer has been willing to act on the obvious: the banks’ document fraud is criminal. Despite the crime-minimizing connotations of the term “robo-signing”, of course it’s criminal to forge signatures and lie about notarizing them when creating official public records. The fact that the records start the brutally swift non-judicial foreclosure process only makes the crime worse.

Although Attorney General Bill Schuette (R-MI) launched a criminal probe into robosigning several months ago, no indictment has yet followed, and his spokeswoman Joy Yearout would not comment on the status of that investigation or on your indictment. Similarly, Attorneys General Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden are investigating possible crimes, but no indictments have yet come. You are truly leading the way.

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