After long lull, foreclosure filings ramp up

By Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

New foreclosures were filed against more than 11,000 Florida homeowners in November, a 7 percent jump over the same month in 2010 and the first year-over-year increase in 20 months.

The surge in new cases supports predictions that banks would be ramping up their foreclosure action as they continue to recover from last year’s robo-signing scandal. It also matches Palm Beach County clerk of court data that measured a 51 percent annual increase in new filings in November.

But it bucks a national trend that shows a 3 percent drop in new foreclosures last month from October and a 14 percent drop from November 2010, according to a report released today by RealtyTrac.

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Of course it bucks a national trend! Florida courts, judges, law enforcement, AG Bondi, legislature, and Governor Scott all welcome and encourage fraudclosures to the point of stating that more foreclosures is the one thing that will get Florida’s economy on track.



Start on page 10 for the report presented to the Florida Senate Banking Committee on speeding up Florida Fraudclosures