This just in from our friend and colleague Matt Weidner.

What kind of coward does this right before Christmas?


A Direct and Specific Threat To Me Personally…Creepy Really…..See For Yourself

I recognize the very real risks that I take by sticking my neck out and speaking the truth.

I take those threats seriously.

I know that there are very rich and powerful forces who want nothing more than to destroy me.

Just a few minutes ago my secretary handed to me an envelope with no return address that had only two piece of paper:

1. One of my original business cards.

2. A cut out piece of paper that reads, “In The Supreme Court of Florida, The Florida Bar, Petitioner, vs.”

Seems to me that this is a not too subtle threat, huh?

Well, come forth from the shadows whomever you are. No sense in hiding. I’m certain that when things come, it will be big and they will be playing for keeps. I sense this as an epic showdown, a battle between the forces of good and evil. A battle between what is right and what is wrong. A battle for the heart and soul of this nation and every single one of us.

Nearly everyone who has stood up has faced threats and persecutions, they come from many different directions. This time will be no different.

I thank all of you out there in advance for your continued support and I’m reminded of this quote from Ben Franklin:

We’ll either hang together or we’ll hang separately.

I’ve scanned what was sent, for all of you to see.

You can check it out by clicking here…