Tis right before Christmas, but they’ll still take your house
Many creatures are lurking, like Baum – that louse.
The documents were strung together without care,
Have a missing assignment? LPS will be there!

The attorneys said “We’ve put our problems to bed”
As fraudclosure whistleblowers were turning up dead.
There’s Biden in Delaware, and Martha in Mass.,
Who finally said, “Let’s kick bankster ass!”

There’s Miller in Iowa who’s leading the chatter,
“Millions of foreclosures? Hey, what’s the matter?”
Amnesty for the banks who started this crash,
For a slap on the wrist and a wee bit of cash.

And soon we will see it was all just a show,
They’ll be working on tans with friend Angelo.
“Trash Out” companies break into homes without fear,
It’s a civil matter and the cops won’t appear.

They’ll doctor the proof to steal your home free and clear,
With forged notes backdated five years!
A VP with a short name will do the trick,
Boy! That Linda Green can sure sign ’em quick!

More rapid than a machine she signed her name,
And under deposition the rest of them came.
Sign Linda! Sign Crystal! Christine and Bryan!
Sign Stephan, , Sign Hoye, Thomas and Samons!

We’ll pay you more than you can make at the mall,
Now sign away, sign away, sign away all!
You can apply for a loan mod but it surely won’t fly,
You’ll be met with obstacles that reach to the sky!

So short sale your house, sign a deed in lieu,
Or we’ll do what is necessary to take it from you!
In rocket-docket court the homeowner bears the burden of proof,
Ninety seconds to save your home and then it’s gone – poof!

Henry Paulson stepped forward as the ship was going down,
And said “We need 700 billion to turn things around!”
All the money went to men in fine tailored suits,
While homeowners were tossed by thugs in jack boots.

There was HARP and HAMP to keep HOPE alive,
Where all of your documents went by the wayside.
Who are the folks who’ve swindled so many?
There’s David Stern, Fannie and Freddie.

Bank of America will put you out in the snow,
Along with Citi, GMAC and Wells Fargo.
Stumpf and Dimon have only their shareholders to please,
Profits go up with the more homes they seize.

They created swaps, CDO’s and MBS,
But in the end it was all just BS.
There’s Helicopter Ben and Geithner the elf,
From our pocket to theirs, – the only transfer of wealth.

They’d have us believe we got into this on our own,
Next time don’t fall for balloon, predatory or subprime loans!
Three ways to take down a once great nation,
Fraud, deceit and securitization.

While you were busy paying your note through a lifetime of work,
The banks created MERS to avoid paying court clerks.
In the end, it was the banksters they chose,
Thanks to your government you got hosed.

The notice said there would be no dismissal,
Delivered by men with badges and pistols.
And I heard them exclaim, as they backed down the drive,
“Mersy Christmas to all, we’ve destroyed your lives!”



h/t pathelfrick