Attention all homeowners willing to support our efforts to defeat Bill 213, Get fraud out of the courts, expose securitization fail and demand banks show evidence that they are the owner and holder of the note.

Mortgage Justice Group has formed a powerful group of homeowners to support each other and protect our rights in court and the government. We would like to support everyone in forming groups throughout the state to coordinate our efforts. If we know who and where you are, we can share our tools, strategies, press releases and good will to help and encourage you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This bill 213 must be stopped. We are going to Tallahassee to fight for our rights. It doesn’t stop there. We need people in every district to spread the word and defeat the politicians voting for the banks instead of the people. Please send name, area , email and phone to

Here are some Representatives who voted against us, even though they got 100s of calls and emails.

The Following Representatives voted FOR HB 213

Joseph Abruzzo Frank Artilles

Mack Bernard Jim Boyd

Eric Eisnaugle Brad Drake

Matt Gaetz Mike Horner

Bill Hager Dorothy Hukill

Shawn Harrison Peter Nehr

Marty Kair Bryan Nelson

Larry Metz Jeanette Nunez

Jose Oliva Steve Perman

Kathleen Passidomo Ronald Renuart

Kelli Stargel Ritch Workman

Richard Steinberg Mike Weinstein

If these representatives are for the banks and against our constitutional rights, what will they do next????