Eviction Defense in Lauderdale Lakes Pending; SUPPORT NEEDED!

A single mother of three in Lauderdale Lakes is facing a strong prospect of receiving a Notice to Vacate based on a case of foreclosure fraud. An eviction defense mobilization could be called as soon as tomorrow (for Wednesday) though we have no way of knowing. The posting of the Notice, however, is imminent.

Eviction defenses have taken place all over the country including several local cases in which our group has participated. Sadly, there will be a need for MANY more.

We are calling on all activists to begin reaching out NOW to contacts who are willing to stand with the Pierre family to stop US Bank and the Broward Sheriff’s Office from committing the crime of evicting this family. We unite with the message of Take Back the Land that housing is a human right. This right is not negotiable.

US Bank, the entity which filed the foreclosure and eviction, appears not even to have any proof of owning the Note on the home. Not that our courts care about such minor details.

PLEASE provide contact info for yourself and all contacts who will be willing to defend the home. Civil disobedience may be involved. If you have had CD training and would be willing to physically, non-violently block the eviction please note that in your reply. We can provide quick training to those interested in supporting. Everyone – CD or non-CD participants – will be needed.

Email contact info to me at red_wein@yahoo.com and to asalater1@yahoo.com (Adam Salater). Please keep eyes peeled to this list for updates.

We also can be messaged on FB and, if you support us, please join our open group athttp://www.facebook.com/groups/329849980386752/


Occupy Ft. Lauderdale Foreclosure Mobilization