May 24 at 1:30pm Palm Beach County, Florida FRAUDCLOSURE COURT WATCHERS needed

Time: May 24, 2012 from 1:30pm to 2:15pm
Location: “Palm Beach County Circuit Court room 4A
Street: 205 North Dixie Hwy
City/Town: West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Event Type: fraudclosure hearing

There is a hearing in Palm Beach foreclosure court on May 24th at 1:30pm in courtroom 4A on HSBC motion to purge the court file of accidentally submitted internal emails that stated the name of the foreclosing bank was wrong.

The emails are found here 

and the motion is found here: 

This is a home on Gazetta Way in West Palm which has been decimated by securitization fraud and foreclosure fraud.

The last look at the stats for this street were:

As of Feb 2011:

196 homes built in 2004 – 2005
49 have no foreclosure filings or short sales — yet (I’ll be keeping an eye on these homes), 2 were refi’d in 2011 (one refi’d into a much lower balance mortgage – not sure what happened there), 3 have recorded modifications, 64 have pending foreclosures in Palm Beach County Court, 3 were foreclosed by the HOA and also have securitized trust foreclosure actions pending, 3 were purchased by third party buyers at the foreclosure auction, 5 are REO bank owned, 1 is REO by a private mortgage lender, 34 were REO after foreclosure and then were sold to new buyer, 28 were short sold during the foreclosure lawsuit, 7 were short sales

Some background on Roy Diaz’ firm:

This foreclosure mill is so powerful that the 4th DCA in West Palm completely reversed a strong anti-foreclosure fraud opinion, Riggs v Aurora based on
the request of the Smith Hiatt Diaz firm. This revised opinion has allowed tens of thousands of Floridians to lose their homes in fraudulent foreclosures.

Roy Diaz’ law firm was sanctioned for foreclosure fraud WAY BACK IN 2006! order here: 

Judge Chastises Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Chiefs Roy Diaz and Marshall Watson 

Roy Diaz 2009 letter to the Florida Supreme Court

Foreclosure firm Smith, Hiatt and Diaz challenges Circuit Judge Janette Dunnigan after she levied fine against it

BOOM!- Feltus v. US Bank (Roy Diaz firm), 2nd DCA Reverses Summary Judgment | Matt Weidner

Full Depo of ROY DIAZ

More fraud spelled out in this Roy Diaz fraudclosure (endorsement of a note that was dated in January of 2006, to U.S. Bank National Association, as successor Trustee to Bank of America, National Association as successor by merger to LaSalle Bank, N.A.. However its interesting to note that Bank of America didn’t take over LaSalle Bank until October of 2007, a year later)