Foreclosure Fraud goes to Germany!

Lynn, Lisa and appear in the first five minutes of the piece.

Then at about the 17 min mark it goes back to Lynn, the 60 minutes piece and robo-signing.

After that we have John O’Brien.

Pretty neat even though I have no idea what they are saying except for the occasional english in the background.

The video is in German but I translated the title and the text below…

Gambled – And the Good Gaeschfte Sued Deutsche Bank – Ackermann & Co. Crooks

Here is the financial advisor to the Merkel – Ackermann FORUM MANAGER

Video for legal reasons only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland —— available for ten years, Josef Ackermann has led the German bank and an investment bank converted, who earned billions of gamers methods. At 31 May 2012 is the Ackermann era to a close. What remains are a number of customers who feel cheated by the Deutsche Bank: Local, state banks and private clients. Germany’s flagship bank is facing lawsuits in the billions. The film questions the business practices of the largest German bank, at home and abroad, and examines the role of Deutsche Bank in the financial crisis. The document reports on three groups of investors who feel betrayed by Deutsche Bank. First, there are many small investors, investment products which have been taught that turned out to be a flop. For example, a fund that would invest in big wheels in Berlin and Singapore. The big wheels were never built, investors lost a lot of money. The German bank had collected good commission and must now be accused of investors wed