Liars, Crooks and Thieves | Fraudclosure – Another Accidentally Leaked Email, This Time By Albertelli Law and Wells Fargo

Well, well, well…

Look what we have here. Another attempt by the Fraudclosure industry to steal a home in the name of the wrong plaintiff.

This is almost identical to what happened in the LOPEZ case. See here, here, here, here, here, and here, but potentially much worse.

Could this one be real trouble for the parties involved?

This one goes a little something like this…

From pages 11-14 below…

Wells Fargo: Um, your firm just sent us a rush request on this file, but before we can take care of that for you can you please take care of the request I been waiting for? Been waiting on your sorry asses and we need to steal this house ASAP since there are some issues that need to be addressed. Oh, and by the way, can you send us a copy of the complaint? Something might not be right.

Albertelli Law: We have no idea what your are talking about, (like usual) could you be more specific?

Wells Fargo: Look, nobody sent me a rush in the LPS system, now get me that complaint. We gots issues here…

Albertelli Law: Don’t give me no attitude. I’m going to pass you off to our complaints department.

Wells Fargo: Oops, looks like someone from your office did send a rush request. My bad.

Albertelli Law: Yea, that’s what I thought. Going to pass you off to David now. Anything else you want?

Wells Fargo: Yes David. Here is the message I sent over in LPS Desktop:

We are in the process of trying to complete the theft judgment affidavit on this file, however the one that was received has the Plaintiff as DEUTSCHE BANK AS TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS AS TRUSTEE FOR GMAC-RFC MASTER SERVICING. We have the plaintiff as U.S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR RALI 2006-QSB. Once the change is fabricated acknowledged by your office we will forge execute the affidavit received. Your office can assign the bid at sale or the affidavit can be falsified resubmitted to mailbox with an amended plaintiff name. Either option to steal this house is acceptable to us – please advise on how your office will proceed to impose a fraud on the court proceed within 48 hours or the file will be stopped.

Albertelli Law: We will leave this “as is” so just execute the affidavit, Linda Green will do. There is no association on this matter so we don’t have to worry about paying them any fees.

Oh, and by the way, we should assign the bid after the sale from DEUTSCHE BANK to U.S. BANK right?

Wink, wink…

Now what makes this one interesting is the note is specially endorsed to DEUTSCHE BANK.

Let’s see how they get out of this one.

All proper parties, ie First Amendment Foundation, FL Bar, etc. have been notified.

We even cc’d all the emails from the perpetrators as well.

Wonder if Akerman will pick this one up like they did in Lopez…

If this has now happened twice, (that we know about) it is happening in scores of cases…

Anyway, see ya at the hearings.

Full docs/emails below…

The email exchange is on pages 11-14

Read it through. Understand what is going on behind the scenes.

And as we said before, if there are two instances of the same type of fraud, there are thousands.




Certified Copy of Filing of Amount Owed and Due Admitting to Fraud