Former Lake Villa couple sues Bank of America over ‘illegal’ lockout

CHICAGO (WLS)– A former Lake Villa couple is suing Bank of America, claiming the bank wrongfully started foreclosure proceedings and locked them out of their home when the property was supposed to be up for a short sale.

Plaintiffs Kevin and Christine McKee filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court Tuesday. They claim Bank of America had filed a foreclosure complaint against their former home in the 3700 block of North Columbus Avenue in Lake Villa, but that the bank agreed to a short sale of the property when they moved out in November 2010.

The couple and their teenage daughter moved to Florida, to seek medical treatment for Kevin McKee’s injuries from a car crash two years earlier, the suit said.

The McKees claim that while they were away, the bank went ahead with the foreclosure without notifying them, and sent a crew from Miken Construction to winterize the home and change the locks, according to the suit.

They only learned workers had been in their home after a neighbor called them saying people were inside their house, according to the McKees, who claim their house was supposed to be secured and shown by realtors.

Crews allegedly ripped out their new kitchen cabinets and took all of their personal belongings still inside the house — among them family antiques, sensitive personal information, tax returns and baby pictures of their daughter.

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McKee et al v. Bank of America, N.A