City revives lien amnesty initiative

Fort Lauderdale property owners who have run afoul of the city’s code enforcement inspectors and owe money in unpaid liens may get some relief – at least for a while. A month ago, city staffers proposed a Code Enforcement Lien Amnesty Program, and last week the City Commission approved the measure unanimously.

The program allows homeowners with unpaid liens to pay only 15 percent of the total under certain conditions. Owe $100,000? You pay only $15,000. A whopping $85,000 is forgiven.

Conditions include a provision that homeowners must pay for any repairs and renovations that caused the liens, as well as any costs incurred by the city.

The Code Enforcement Lien Amnesty Program expires June 28.

The program “will provide the city with a mechanism to clear many old and cumbersome liens from the books,” City Manager Lee Feldman wrote in the original proposal. It will “stimulate the sale of many abandoned properties” and “allow homeowners suffering foreclosure to obtain clear title and renegotiate their mortgage.”

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