INVESTIGATORS: Locked Out of Their Homes; Ohio Company Accused of Taking Property

COLUMBUS (Brooks Jarosz) – Imagine coming home to find your place ransacked and the locks changed and then you find out it was actually a legitimate Ohio company.

ABC 6 Investigators looked at the long list of homeowners left out and locked out. Our investigation uncovered hundreds of complaints and lawsuits accusing Safeguard Properties of critical mistakes.

Safeguard is hired by banks to inspect, clean and secure abandoned and foreclosed homes, but sometimes that company cleared out homes people were still living in.

“My mouth dropped to the floor,” homeowner Phil Guinaldo said. “They broke into my house.”

It was just the beginning of Phil Guinaldo’s frustration over his Canton home and the company Safeguard Properties.

“It’s just like somebody coming in and saying, I want this house, I’m going to take it,” Guinaldo said.

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