Breaking and Entering

Meet the troubled company that banks hire to break into people’s homes and take their stuff

An Ohio company is being sued by homeowners who claim that that its employees broke into homes that had not been foreclosed yet and removed, then destroyed, all the items in them, ABC 6 reports.

The company, Safeguard, is hired by banks to inspect houses on the brink of foreclosure, then clean and secure them after the foreclosure is official. But many Ohio residents claim that the “property preservation company” arrive days and weeks before a foreclosure is official and, without warning, removes all the property within them.

Michael Cole told ABC 6 that he was in the process of moving out when Safeguard “preserved” his home, removing many irreplaceable items, including VHS tapes of his young daughters.

“I could always go back to those videos and see the kids when they were little and see those times,” Cole said. “And they’re gone, completely. I’ll never see them again.”

Denise Wilkinson told WCPO that she was also in the process of moving when Safeguard came to “preserve” her home.

“They took everything – all my pictures, my family photos – all of that’s gone,” she said. “They’ve ripped my heart out.”

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