Get Out! Fannie Mae Gives Residents of Foreclosed Apartment Complex 30 Days to Evacuate

Residents of a local apartment complex have been ordered to pack up their lives and get out — and they have less than 30 days to do it.

The Chimney Hill apartment complex in Shreveport was deemed structurally unsafe following an inspection during a foreclosure process, according to the financial institution that took ownership of it.

Fannie Mae’s public relations spokeswoman Callie Dosberg — whom Chimney Hill deferred to for comments— said the property was going through foreclosure when the safety concerns became apparent.

At that time, Fannie Mae requested a court-appointed receiver to manage the property.

“As the receiver and Fannie Mae assessed the properties in advance of a foreclosure, it became clear that there were life safety concerns and the receiver took immediate steps to address those concerns with our full support and cooperation,” Dosberg wrote in an official statement.

“Fannie Mae is working closely with the receiver, who is in direct communication with tenants during this transitional time, offering financial relocation assistance packages, providing moving supplies and contact information of nearby apartment complexes so tenants may pursue possible new housing arrangements.”

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