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Zombie Property Bill Passes Assembly

A bill co-sponsored by state Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Ozone Park) will place stronger regulations on abandoned “zombie” properties. The bill was passed in the state Assembly last week by a vote of 116-22, and he is calling on the state Senate to also pass the legislation.

“Zombie properties” are blighted properties that have been abandoned by their prior residents, often after a bank or lender has placed a foreclosure on the house. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman estimated last year that there were more than 16,700 foreclosed homes throughout the state. According to Goldfeder, the issue became worse for Queens residents in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy as homes were abandoned due to damage.

“Zombie properties are a plague on our community that drives down property values, threatens public health and undermines the character of our neighborho­ods,” he said. “For families still struggling to recover from Sandy, they are also a constant, painful reminder of everything we lost in the disaster.”

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