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Foreclosure Fight Club: Utah Homeowner Continues Battle Against Bank of America in Illegal Foreclosure Action

(Salt Lake City, UT) – Wednesday, June 8th at 9:30 am, the fight for homeowner rights culminates in oral arguments before the Utah Supreme Court.

Homeowners Sam and Courtney Adamson continue their battle arguing that while they were in the process of a loan modification, ReconTrust Bank NA acting as agent for Bank of America NA,(NYSE: “BAC”) illegally foreclosed on their home in 2010, and that because of statutory violations the home still belongs to them.

Upon Bank of America’s attempted eviction of the Adamson’s, they contacted Attorney John Christian Barlow, who has been representing them in their efforts to show that they are still the legal and rightful owners of their home.

If the Adamsons prevail, they will pave the way for other foreclosed upon homeowners to finally obtain substantial settlements for the illegal activities of Bank of America and other lenders who used ReconTrust to foreclose.

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The public is invited to observe the oral arguments which will be held in the courtroom of the Utah Supreme Court located on the top floor at 450 South State in Salt Lake City.

Attorney Barlow can be reached at (435) 634-1200 or

For further information on the case, (Decision and Order), upheld by the Utah Court of Appeals, read the KCSG News article published September 24, 2014 (Here)