“I believe Americans will have to take to the streets in order to take their country back from the empire which has replaced it. We, the people, will have to join together at risk of peril to stand down the evil which has overcome our land.”


Washington State: The People’s Lawyer – Fighting Against Foreclosure Fraud and Courts’ Abuse of Power

Attorney Scott Stafne, of Washington state, is known in foreclosure fraud circles as the “people’s lawyer” – one who not only understands the complicity of mortgage fraud, but who plays an active role on social media and elsewhere sharing his knowledge and opinions with the general public. For people facing their own foreclosures, neglected by their own government and pushed aside while the banks still continue with their old stealing practices, Stafne’s engagement means a lot. Here he explain why he does what he does, and his motivations for fighting the big banks on behalf of the people.

Senka Huskic: How did a personal injury expert ended up covering and fighting foreclosure fraud? You’re a third-generation lawyer – were your father and grandfather involved in similar issues in their practice?

Attorney Scott Stafne: Foreclosure fraud is a type of personal injury, just one that our courts let the banks get away with. People who have their homes wrongfully taken from them experience all sorts of injuries, for which the common law of torts would normally provide a remedy.

My dad also practiced personal injury law and was part time City Attorney for Bettendorf, Iowa, which is on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, across from Moline and Rock Island, Illinois. Dad gained significant experience in annexation law as Bettendorf grew over the course of my youth.

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