8 things to know about Senate candidate Kamala Harris’ career gold stars and demerits

The bedrock of Kamala Harris’s U.S. Senate campaign has been her record as California attorney general and as San Francisco district attorney. She has said her experience in those posts provides ample proof that she is the best and most qualified candidate to represent California in Washington.

In those jobs, Harris has often been the focal point of news coverage on high profile events such as investigations into the Santa Barbara County oil spill and Volkswagen cheating on vehicle emission tests. She has directly influenced California’s justice system and sent people to jail.

Her rival in the Senate race, fellow Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Orange, has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for two decades. But with Democrats in power for few of those years, it has been challenging for Sanchez to claim outright ownership of any new federal policies or legislation.

In stump speeches, debates and political ads, Harris has been quick to mention her role in forcing banking Goliaths to cough up $20 billion in mortgage relief. Her work defending same-sex marriage and reducing recidivism among drug offenders also rise to the top of her campaign talking points.

Here are some of the notable milestones in her political career, including some of those steeped in controversy:

1. Helped broker mortgage relief settlement

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