Foreclosure Tales: Ocwen Mtg Company Have my Home of 27 Years Turned Upside

Ocwen Mtg company have my home of 27 years turned upside down from fees, forced insurances, etc. My nightmare started in 2012 when they gave me a mod which now we know was a fore bearance. I was paying until they said I had a negative escrow acct. that they divided by 12 and now my payment would be 1179 from 690.I could not afford it. They put my Oct. 1st payment in 2012 of 689 in escrow. Nov 2012 I sent 700 they sent it back. When I asked what to do, they said try for a mod. Most recent mod wanted 1400 plus could not afford. Also did not include insurances or taxes. I purchase my home 1979 for 35000. Now they say I owe them over 315000. Reinstate amt over 36000. The mod had a 145000 Balloon due 2036. I was about 32 yrs old in 1979.Now I am 66. How do I get out this nightmare? I am a stroke survivor and was retired from my job of 27 years. living off pension and soc. sec. now. In Miami. Help me please…

SOURCE: Just Answers