Legit Essay Writing Service for Students

If you’re looking for a top essay writing service for students, you’ll probably find out quickly that it isn’t too easy. There seem to be thousands of essay writing services online, but which ones are legit and which ones are scam sites?

For a student, we know that money isn’t abundantly available and thus when it comes to purchasing an essay writing service, it’s important to ‘know before you commit.’

You don’t want to dish out money only to find out that the essay is of substandard quality and potentially written by some mutant hybrid monkey-person with a vocabulary the size of a gnat. Thus, throughout the following article, we’ll be analyzing what to look for when searching for a legit essay writing service for students.

Criteria #1: What Type of Writing Services Do They Offer?

Usually, will provide a broad range of subjects to choose from along with different levels of academic papers. For example; High School, College and Post Graduate. The reason this is important is that if you do find a legit essay writing service, you’ll want to ensure that they can work with you over the years to come.

Very few academics who use use them only once. They rely on these serve as additional assistance when it comes to their studies. Some people use it for research purposes, while others completely outsource their essay writing tasks.

To know that your service provider has many different options available is key to ensure longevity throughout your academic career.

Criteria 2: Pricing and Policies

Secondly, we need to take a close look at their pricing policies to ensure that they are indeed, “legit.” Why is this an important factor? These companies know that when they deliver an essay, the client will love it.

Thus, includes some money-back guarantee if the piece doesn’t live up to par. It means they are committed to quality and that is something that you should be looking out for it. Additionally, some of the top legit essay writing services also include cumulative pricing packages.

What this means is that the more you spend with them, the cheaper it becomes over time. It usually comes in the form of discounts or similar tactics.

Criteria #3: Quality of Work

Next, you’ll need to be looking into the quality of the work they provide. Most legit essay writing services will always provide you with ‘writer-specific samples.’ It means that you’ll be able to read a sample from the very writer who will be working on your paper.

It gives you a chance to look into the quality of the writing and whether or not the ‘voice’ of the writer reflects your own. Additionally, you should have access to a tracking system where you can see your essay being developed by the writer.

Furthermore, it is always imperative that you run your articles through Copyscape. Most legit companies do this for you, however as an extra precaution, always execute the essay through Copyscape yourself.

Criteria #4: Customer Support

If a website doesn’t have easy to find contact details, it’s best you avoid them. usually has several ways for their customers to get in touch with them, whether through a phone number, email or even an online chat.

If it’s difficult for you to reach out to a company you’re considering, the odds are that they are not a legitimate company. You need to be able to get in touch with them on the fly, or at least the expected 24-hours.

Criteria #5: Customer Reviews

Always check out customer reviews before making a purchase. It’s important to specifically look for bad ones too as some companies pay reputation managers to remove their negative reviews from the first page on Google.

Thus, when you are researching companies, you will need to look for their ‘bad reviews correctly.’ If you can’t find any, then you’re on a right path.

Take time to read what the customers are saying about the service so you can form an expectation of the service. Once you have researched customer reviews and applied every step mentioned above…you should know whether you are dealing with a legit essay writing service for students.

Criteria #6: Deadlines

Finally, to reduce your overall costs, it’s important to mention that with more time before the due date, you pay less. The price can be a great deal depending on the urgency of delivery. Thus it is always important to give your writer enough time to write your paper. Unless you are willing to pay up to $10 more per page, then, by all means, get them to do it the night before, however, for students who are low on cash allow the writing service enough time to be kind to your wallet.