The Windows Store is Now Filled With Piracy Apps

In recent years piracy has sky-rocketed as technology advanced and piracy is still on the rise. The Windows Store is now a hub for piracy promoting apps. It makes it possible and easy to stream latest movies and TV shows without spending any money using these apps.  The apps are not even difficult to find on Windows store for windows users. By simply typing in the search box “Top Free apps” some top apps include Facebook, Netflix and Twitter.

These are accompanied by piracy or free streaming apps such as Free Movies Online. Windows is criticized by the movie industry that this is happening under their nose without even initiating a serious crackdown on piracy apps. Windows Store gives access to hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Legit or paid online streaming apps like Netflix, NBC, Todoist, and Hulu are overshadowed by free streaming apps such as Free Unlimited Movies, Free Movies Online Pro, and HD Movies Online.  These apps managed to escape Windows Store screening processes by appearing to be legit and ethical. Everybody wants free things even at online casino sites. Therefore, they download apps they can stream without paying any subscription.  These apps have a variety of movies and TV shows to stream and many of their content is not officially available for streaming in some places.

The app’s developers fear for the crackdown, this prompted them to rebrand their apps. The apps now have popular new movie titles such as Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to disguise users. With just a click, the user is redirected to their app. It is not certain that your device will not catch a virus after downloading these apps. Windows Store supports desktop and mobile windows devices, with some apps being supported on Xbox One.