Foreclosure, eviction serious issues, but there are ways to avoid them

Not to downplay the pending foreclosures and evictions faced by millions of families, but the current national furor is a bit overblown.

The possibility of losing your home is not to be taken lightly, for sure. But foreclosures and evictions are not events, but processes. And in some cases, they could take months or even years.

Let’s look at evictions first. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reinstituted a ban on evictions. The original moratorium expired July 31, but now tenants are relatively safe until Oct. 3. If the new order stands up to legal challenges, it will cover communities experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases — meaning about 80% to 90% of the country.

Either way, evictions are not instantaneous; they take time. Your landlord can’t just move your stuff to the street at will. He or she has to follow state and local laws, which can vary widely.

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