Rogue tenants – how long has it taken to evict them during Covid?

The latest research by lettings agency Benham and Reeves has analysed how the pandemic has affected the UK rental market when it comes to rogue tenants and the time and cost required to evict them.

The research found that, with long court delays and eviction notice periods at the height of the pandemic climbing to six months, the amount of time to evict a rogue tenant has reached just shy of a full 12 months (51 weeks).

With this in mind, Benham and Reeves says those starting proceedings in September 2020 in anticipation of the eviction ban lifting may not have regained control of their property until some time after the ban was lifted in June of this year.

Before eviction proceedings resumed for a brief period in September last year, prior to further lockdowns in the late autumn and winter months and when a six-month timeframe was still being implemented on eviction notices, the average rent across the UK was £985 per month.

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