Foreclosure Fraud – Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud

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Foreclosure Fraud – Mortgage Fraud – Assignment Fraud – Forgeries

Don’t be so fast to leave your home just because you are “behind” on your mortgage. Those payments might not be due at all, or if they are, they are probably not owed to the entity you are paying. In almost EVERY case, the “lender” seeking to foreclose on your home never owned your mortgage or your note. Don’t be a victim… Challenge EVERYTHING!!!




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185 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud – Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud”
  1. Marc Gerstein says:

    I am at the end of my rope…they frauded my two sik parents in 2002 n 2004 after my father died in 2002..
    I feel that their is no justice as I have been n paid 4 a home for about 15 years that I never wanted..I spoke to at least 5 attornies n they do not want to mess with the situation or want a fortune up front that I no longer have…I put this home up 4 sale for 5 years while still paying it with no results…
    I am sorry to say I believe that the only way is with violence against the ones responsible..
    I wish u all the best n I hope u r victorious as this is the worst scam since Madoff..this is a lot worse…as corporate America has passed the line on this one…
    The accountant part 2!!!!!

  2. Kevin Ardona says:

    Deutsche bank evicted me from my home in Aug.2012.. I know they did everything unlawfully. I’ve seen all the fraudulent forms. They foreclose on my home on October 10 2010.I have the abstract of the deed.. they have a quitclaim deed as of now & are trying to sell my home “AS IS”.

  3. Jennifer says:

    CREDIT REPORT FRAUD. Another thing that’s wrong is the fall out from the mortgage fraud story is the damage this does to your credit report. Fraud is not a reason you should be punished for a decade or more! You did not do this but it affects your credit report. The damage can be reduced. Example: Your mortgage was 100,000 the bank forecloses and sells your house for $80,000, why are they listing and punishing you with the FULL mortgage, when in reality it’s $20,000. STAND UP and fight the credit bureaus to show accurate information, the bank recovered it’s money!!!! Your credit report affects your ability to get competitive loan rates and even jobs! FIGHT THIS NOW!

  4. Ali says:

    I pray for you even at this late date, we are going though the samw thing, perhaps not as yours or maybe worse. We are rightess, God will take care of us. We are many, with rightess family and friends. God has not brought us this far to drop us on our heads. I do not believe the American people will allow the Solcialation of the nat. housing. Will never fly here, the police and military are us, they have been foreclosed on too, as well as the samefull forecloseures on active duty sWe must fight this evil, by taking your own life you are giving the evil basturds what they want, and leaving the rest of us including your family to mourn for you. Things a very fluis right noe and its an election year, so anything can happen. I lost someone I loved very much suscomb to suicide and the pain of the memory will always be with me. So please think of your loved ones. I hope you post us and let us know if you are stll alive. Keep coming back here for helpful info and support. God Bless You & 4closurefraud!

  5. To Tell The Truth says:

    Bank of A also has thieves working there…first hand experience…had an account that I was only depositing into and one day when I checked the account…I lived outside the country for awhile…so when I did check the account on one of my trips, one of the officer that I usually go to for assistance…had taken a loan without my knowledge , actually borrowed funds from my account!!!! When I discovered the theft she pleaded not to turn her in so I gave her chance to redeposit my funds…and it happened again another time at another branch and with a credit card payment of a cash $1K to close off an account…go figure…what happens from the top flows to the rest at the bottom….so there must be much confusion within that entity…thieves stealing from thieves within…defrauding unsuspecting customers…

  6. To Tell The Truth says:

    See my February 12, 2012 update below….

    • Linda says:

      I was also originally with Countrywide then BofA tool over our loan. In 2009 Countrywide posted our mortgage payment to the wrong account. Filed a Notice of Default with the county recorders office then 9 days later sent us a Notice of Intent to Accelerate they also added attorney fees in the amount of $552.00. They tried to tell me that they did not file the notice of default so I faxed them a copy. We were on a repayment agreement by the time BofA took over. We received a Fed-Ex with a forebearance agreement. We never asked for it. Reducing our payments for 6 months. We decided to do the forebearance agreement then modification to help get ahead. They deducted the attorney fees wrongfully charged in March 2009, out of every mortgage payment then they put our mortgage payments into an Unapplied Fund account and refused to post a single mortgage payment. Dec 2009, the modification came through. They over capitalized everything and once again added in the attorney fees they were supposed to remove from March 2009, they deducted a total of $774.00 for those attorney fees and never refunded them now they capitalized them into the modification. Our 1st payment was due 2/1/2010. I had over $3000 in the Unapplied fund account to be used as payments for Feb 2010 through May 2010, it dissappeard. I made over 600 phone calls all documents sent 75 letters no one would help fix the mess they made. Until May 2010, a representative said she new how to fix our loan she seen it before the master file had to be corrected so that they can post the funds not posted when they posted the modification (they new they had over capitalized and did not want anyone to know) Next thing I know a notice of default and election to sell is filed with the recorder. From June 2010 through March 2011 BofA swore up and down we are fixing your loan and the Notice of Default is being cancelled. Then March 16, 2011, a realtor came to our front door he said our home looked as if it was taken care of and he just wanted to make sure that we new it was being auctioned off in an hour. No we did not know called BofA No they said your home is not being sold. Sure enough they auctioned off our home. It went back to Fannie Mae. I have not slept since March 2010 I have constant panic attacks, I am now on medication and I was never on it before. I am tired and just dont know if I can do it anymore. We hired an attorney who was a joke. I sold everything I had to hire him for nothing. Now I have nothing left to sell to hire another attorney alot it would do me anyway. I just cant believe how they lied everytime they spoke to me. They tried to correct the mortgage by crediting forward that does not work that was the reason for correcting the master file. I dont understand why they just didnt do what they said they were going to do. It was supposed to be fixed in 7 business days. All the payments reposted from Feb through June 2010 and I could have started to make the payments again. Because they were sending my payments back to me in April 2010. Well thats my Horrer story the worst thing is the courts out here in Utah were I live are for the banks not the homeowners I think they have thrown out every case to this day. Wont deal with them. They say you cant sure bofa.

  7. Ramona cooper says:

    Bank of America is very sneaking, it knew of the upcoming and sold our loan but dated as if we had not paid since 2009 .there was also a crazy charge tacked on that they kept and continued it as a equity line which we didnt have. I think they tried to sneak a credit card bill that we could no longer pay on the bill , I thought it was just a normal loan but they call it the equity loan.then they went and also sold the main mortgage loan , so we have three bills and they send us letters for flood insurance for everyone of the loans .What is that? they do not responde to my attorney, they are above the law because that how they feel , they are not afraid of the government because they are bought. the government gave more money to help out the homeowners but as much as they have given we havent been helped yet. I have had nervous breakdowns over them sending and sending letters even though they have been paid. its just a big joke to them and I wonder how many have died over the stress of this mess? we are about to throw it in , we are done. we can’t take it anymore. And for that billionaire to give bank of america 5billion , he is a traitor and I pray he loses every penny .

    • lvent says:

      All true Ramona..! Its a slow motion train wreck……but there will be a train wreck…Their criminal guts will be splattered all over the country..No doubt about it…there is no legal or monetary fix for $700 trillion in mortgage fraud…The hideous truth will be revealed to mankind..

      • lvent says:

        Hopefully before they decide to blow up the economy….WE THE PEOPLE have to beat them to their knockout punch and sue the dirty bastards..and stop allowing them to victimize us.

      • Katheryn says:

        I bet even the vultures will pass up that rotten road kill 🙂

    • Master Chief says:

      BofA is not just ABOVE THE LAW in its day to day operations, it IS THE LAW. When I gave notice that I discovered BofA’s fraud of erroniously reproting to have given me not one loan, but FOUR, in just as many states – I have been shot at twice (one projectile struck our house, went through a medicine chest, interior wall and became lodged in a bookshelf – four feet from where my wife was seated. My wife was ran off the road, the car struck a tree and went down an embankment. She was left for dead but sshe lived – nopt a scratch (several bumps & bruises). Then almost one year to the day of that attempted murder, my wife was nearly beaten to death when she went alone to our storage unit. BofA has conspired with County officials, namely Carolyn m. Kusler (Clerk) to fabricate fradulent occurences leading to a bench warrant for my arrest. Kusler also conspired with the County CLerk of Tulsa County to make charges of; AGGRIVATED ASAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER, KILLING OF A POLICE ANIMAL, ASSAULT & BATTERY ON ELDERLY OR DECREPID PERSON RESULTING WITH INJURY TO ORGANS, CAUSING BROKEN and/or PROTRUDING BONES, NEAR LOSS OF LIFE, TRAFFICKING OF CONTROLLED NARCOTICS/MARIJUANA, ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER, BATTERY OF A POLICE OFFICER. (Kusler is a former Major with the Tulsa PD and form Chief of Police of Broken Arrow, OK with strong ties to Sally Howe Smith and others) She has changed dates on BofA documents and then filed them. She didn’t even try to hide what sshe did! Yet, because she is doing the bidding of Bank of AMerica, N.A., she too IS THE LAW! Well, yesterday, after living in WalMart parking lots of nearly twwo years, we received a call from the FBI regarding the evidence we submitted, along with our story. We have an appointment but I am almosts afraid to go! Fuck it, I am now sick of living anyway. I don’t care if I’m killed by thesse thugs at this point. We have lost everything, my HONORABLE MILITARY SERVICE hass sbeen disgraced and I am tired. I am ready to die.

      • To Tell The Truth says:

        BOA is not above the Law or the Law…be patient and see but do not let them win…wanting to die is a coward’s way out and will only affect negatively your surviving loved ones…stop feeling sorry for yourself and shake it off in Jesus name and think, man, think of all the skills and talents you have and see how you can use them for the good of your family and to defeat the enemy demon that wants you to cooperate with him to take your own life or give up on the gift of life…GOd is still on his throne…we can learn a lot from all these trials and tribulations and become stronger for it…why on earth would you want to just give up on live? There is a life and a future…look around you, cast out those suicidal and depression demons in Jesus name from out of your body and mind and as the Lord to strengthen you…He says His grace is more than sufficient for us and that His strength is made perfect in our weakness…ask Him what that means…but I assure you, He loves and cares for you and your love ones….we must humble ourselves before Him and learn of Him, talk to Him and ask for His help, He wont override your will and stand tall and show your family that nothing and no one can take you out. You see, when you trust GOd and read about His promises in the Bible, one of them says that ” No weapon formed against us will prosper, weapons will form but they wont prosper…” but you have to know Him and believe in Him…I will pray for you and hope that you are encouraged by this message and know that there are others that also do care…there are others in worse situation than you share although not everyone share their story…so take heart and be strong in the Lord and the power of His might…

    • Katheryn says:


      What action is your attorney taking when they don’t respond?

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      See below my comments re BOA….

    • Alice says:

      There is a class action law suit on making people buy flooding insurance. Just type in class action law suits BOA and there are tons.

  8. Allison says:

    My original home loan was through Countrywide. It was then taken over by BofA to which I was making my payments. I declared bankruptcy and know my home is due to be foreclosed on. However I received a letter from an attorney that Countrywide is auctioning my home on Feb. 9, 2012 and the law firm is representing The Bank of New York Mellon FKA the Bank of New York. What happened to BofA? Did they sell my loan sometime?

    • lvent says:

      Allison…are you in a non-judicial state?…if not they cant do that…if you are in a non-judicial state you need to bring a lawsuit quick……they don’t have to prove standing once they are granted a fraudclosure..

      • Allison says:

        I live in TN. I think it’s Non-Judicial.

      • lvent says:

        Have you checked your property records? You may want to get a copy of the chain….any assignments and releases..etc…if they auction your home they may erase your record of proof they never had a legal right to take your home..better to be proactive than wait around tor the hammer to fall..the government is very sneaky…..I now consider the banks, wall street and the government(s) one giant fascist regime…they are THE UNITED STATES OF CORPORATE AMERICA…there are many traitors from within…..

      • Katheryn says:


        I think, someone can correct if I am wrong, that they have to file a proof of claim? I know they do in a Chap. 13 but I’m in a judicial state so it may be different. If so, you can file an objection to their proof of claim, that’s what I have read anyway. I filed a 7 in a judicial state and they don’t have to file a proof of claim and they never filed for a lift stay so I filed an adversary complaint and went on the attack. I’m not sure it works the same way in non-judicial state. I can’t find an attorney so I’m on my own, however, if you can find one quickly, go get a consult, quickly!

      • lvent says:


    • on the ropes says:

      Allison, If you check , you’re paperwork most likely says American Brokers Conduit , naming B of NY and Deutcsh banc as trustees and a lot of #’s , that is your servicing pool , CW bought it even though they weren’t named , then we know the rest of the story . B of A is a servicer and has no right to foreclose .

      • Master Chief West says:

        I have been SHOT at twicw, my wife has been run off the road (car went down an embankment hitting a tree at the bottom – she was able to walk away) , the wprst: my wife was beaten nearly to death when she went to our stoarage unit in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We have been subjected to the tryannical actions of 2 PAID FOR County Clerks. I am tired of this. It has been going on since November of 2010. I am ready to die. Life in Wally World parking lots ain’t a picnic. I am so very tired, I am ready to die. I welcome it. Wish all oy you well.

      • lvent says:

        Master Chief West…don’t let these dirty criminals win! Shoot back! We are not a nation of cowards..! Think of all the battles we have fought and all of the people who have given their lives, blood and sweat for freedom and have fought for and upheld our U.S. CONSTITUTION, LIBERTY and FREEDOM..???We are going to give them what they want? These Criminal IMPOSTERS, robbed us and they want all of us and our future generations to live in the poverty, debt and destruction that they created by MASSIVE LIES, DECEIT AND FRAUD?? THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, WE THE PEOPLE PAID FOR IT, FUNDED EVERYTHING INCLUDING THEIR LOUSY WARS THEY CREATED TO WEAKEN OR DESTROY US AND YOUR ANSWER IS KILL YOURSELF?? SHOOT BACK NEXT TIME…AND SUE THE DIRTY CRIMINAL BASTARDS AND I MEAN THE EFFING NO GOOD TRAITOR POLITICIANS TOO!! WE THE PEOPLE WILL BURN ALL OF THEIR FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED DEBT FRAUD..NATIONWIDE….AND BBQ THEIR FRAUD…! We the people will throw them all out of our house…THE PEOPLES HO– USE…THE HO– USE THE PEOPLE BUILT….THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!…..AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE HENDERSON COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT WEBSITE KEEPS POPPING UP ON HERE AS I TYPE THIS COMMENT??? WTF??? AND THE ST. JOHNS COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE?? WTF?? WHERES THAT? ? AND WHO THE HELL ARE THEY?? A BIT WEIRD, RIGHT AMERICA???

      • lvent says:

        You are an ex serviceman and now you want to kill yourself? Come on!!!…How could you serve your country honorably for 6 years and want to give up the real war here at home??? THE REAL WAR, THE. WAR THAT THE MEDIA AND THE POLITICIANS DO NOT WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT?? THE WAR…… ON OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND THEREFORE OUR FREEDOM!!!!! COME ON..LETS HAVE A NATIONWIDE BONFIRE…WELL BBQ ALL OF THEIR FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED DEBT FRAUD…!! CNN REPORTING…WHITNEY HOUSTON DEAD!

      • Katheryn says:

        Master Chief West

        Life brings some of us many challenges and for some the life path places mountains we must hurdle to continue on that path. I don’t know if you have a faith but it can bring much comfort when we feel we can’t go on. Others can steal your possessions but they can never never steal your soul. They can steal your spirit if you let them; but then they won. Please consider reaching out for some support and help with the depression so you will have a better outlook about how to proceed with your life. It is too difficult to think and plan when we feel so desperate and tired. This leads to deep depression. We all are in similar situations fighting for our homes and our constitutional rights. This country is at war now; the 99% against the 1% that have robbed us all and financially destroyed the US. If you get some help from community sources, you may feel up to the fight later or you will have a better chance to move on with your life by making the best possible choices! Wishing you the best; please hang in there.

      • lvent says:


    • Captain America says:

      B of A is the successor to countrywide. They may well have sold the note. Depending on your state, mortgage notes are frequently “bearer paper”. This essentially means it belongs to whoever possesses the original note. Its common practice to sell and resell notes. Do NOT construe this to mean youre obligation to repay has been negated. It hasnt. Its only been shifted to the new bearer. Keep good records of all payments to protect against legal liability. If you are unsure who to pay, then establish your own escrow and continue payments to that account until you get clarification. DO get competent, qualified, legal help.

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