Bryan Bly, is it a LIE? Robo-Signer for Nationwide Title

St. Petersburg Times

By Susan Taylor Martin, Times Senior Correspondent
In Print: Sunday, June 20, 2010

To thousands of homeowners whose loans have been shuttled from one company to another, the name “Bryan Bly” is very familiar.

Over the past few years, Bly has signed countless mortgage assignments as either a notary public or “vice president” of various lenders.

In reality, Bly works for Nationwide Title Clearing, a Palm Harbor company. And he was recently reprimanded by state regulators after acknowledging in a sworn statement that Nationwide Title had him notarizing so many documents that he scribbled his initial instead of signing his full name as required by law.

Such a pace, critics say, shows that Bly and other so-called “robo signers” can’t possibly be sure that what they’re signing is accurate.

“Our entire system of real estate is founded upon the ability of courts to believe in the documents before them,” says Matthew Weidner, a St. Petersburg lawyer who has a blog on foreclosure issues. “What this (Bly’s statement) describes is assembly-line document production with no concern for the facts in front of them.”

Bly’s name has become well known in the foreclosure defense field since the St. Petersburg Times reported last year that he and Crystal Moore signed thousands of mortgage assignments as officers of Option One and other lenders even though both work for Nationwide Title.

Assignments are key in determining who actually owns a mortgage, an all-important matter as banks foreclose on loans that were bundled into securities and sold to investors. To expedite the processing of mortgage assignments, many banks authorize Bly, Moore and others at Nationwide Title to sign on their behalf.

In a statement Friday to the Times, Nationwide Title said it employs “many people” in various departments “to make sure that each and every document is legal, compliant and complete” when it reaches signers like Bly and Moore.

The company also said that it serves banks around the country and “is subject to their due diligence and quality control audits on a regular basis.”

The 2009 Times story caught the attention of Samuel Smart, a Naples homeowner whose loan has changed hands twice.

“The real concern I have, if I were to sell my house, who can legitimately sign off on my mortgage?” Smart said.

Last year, when MoreEquity Inc. transferred his loan to another company, Smart noticed that the mortgage assignment was signed by Crystal Moore as vice president of MoreEquity and notarized by Bly. However, Bly signed with only a B and not as “Bryan J. Bly,” the signature approved by the state.

Florida law says: “Once commissioned, the notary must sign precisely as commissioned by the state of Florida, in the exact name appearing on your notarial commission certificate.”

Bly’s Signature on Assignment

Bly’s Signature on Notary Application

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20 Responses to “Bryan Bly, is it a LIE? Robo-Signer for Nationwide Title”
  1. DS Epperson says:

    We are still looking for an attorney to sue Saxon/Bank New York Mellon for illegal foreclosure and fraud here in Idaho…no one here knows what they are doing. I complained to the Department of Finance and the Idaho Attorney General, who passed those complaints on to Saxon…Saxon legal just said, “Well, this is not our problem, the paperwork was originally done by the original note holder, NovaStar and we have no knowledge of falsified documents”…that’s pretty funny considering that all the signatures were put on the papers AFTER Novastar was forced out of business by the California courts in 2007…no notarized Mortage note or Deed of Trust…the allonge and all the foreclosure papers are signed by Robo-signers under NovaStar Mortgage, which doesn’t exist…hmmmm.

    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:


  2. DS Epperson says:

    We had to file bankruptcy and our Mortgage documents went through the federal Bankruptcy court to be released from the Stay…When I looked through our mortgage, I noticed that our Deed of Trust was notarized and Signed by a Gale Fielding here in Idaho, the thing is that Novastar Mortgage was an On Line Mortgage company and the guy that came to our door to close the deal, was a friend of ours…his name is no where on the documents, but Fielding is as a witness and the Notary. So I started looking at our documents a little closer and researched every name on there. Bryan Bly signed our Allonge to Note as B.Bly…I requested that the mortgage company send us our real mortgage, cause I know who was at our closing, and Gail Fielding wasn’t there, nor did we call and talk to them on the phone…apparently in the State of Idaho, you can talk to them on the phone and they will Notarize the document as well. John Cottrell also signed as a Trustee for Novastar, but the same as Bly, he has never worked for Novastar, Is there anyone out there that has had a case that has gone through the federal or state courts that has dismissed the documents or confirmed the documents as falsified or fraudulent? If there is, can I get the case, the state, the date and the case number?

    • lvent says:

      No…you did not have to file Bk…!!!! IT IS ALL UNSECURED DEBT!!!! These crooks tricked you….NO ONE ever lent you any money!! BK is all a sham to make more money for themselves and their criminal friends around the globe.!!!!..SO THEY CAN OFFER TO ISSUE YOU MORE FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED CREDIT BILLS QUICKER…..AND GET YOU BACK ON THEIR MICROCHIP MARK OF THE BEAST…..666! DONT PAY, COMPLY AND CONFORM WITH THEIR FRAUD….DONT — USE THEIR BANKS… CREDIT AND DEBIT…..THE FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST….666!!….GUTS….GUNS….GOD…OCCUPY!!! FRAUD NEVER SLEEPS!!!!

  3. Lisa Ritz says:

    To Whom it may concern:

    I bought my home in May 1998 Argent Mortgage refinanced my home in January 2006, My loan was transferred 2 times before we made our first mortgage payment. And the fact we never got copies of the mortgage my husband signed after closing. I requested of copy of signed closing documents and a copy of my promissory note each time, My mortgage was transferred countless time to different lenders. I checked with Seminole county clerk of the court official records and nothing filed in clerks office that Argent Mortgage filed was notarized.

    The only assignment of Mortgage filed was by Citi Residential Lending In January of 2009, to my surprise Crystal Moore was listed as vice president and Brian J Bly was a notary, and witnesses Vilma Castro and Dhurata Doko. All having an identical signatures in loop form. I don’t take a genius to figure out this is fraud and forgery. Over the past several years, Bryan Bly, Crystal Moore and Dhurata Doko have signed thousands of mortgage assignments as vice presidents of Citi Residential and other major lenders.
    I filed a complaint with the Seminole County Sheriffs office, Florida Attorney General and Florida Office of Financial Regulation. I am still in search for legal advice. I still have the original warranty deed dated May 14, 1998 transferring ownership to me from the original owner. At Closing Argent Mortgage stole over approximately $30,000.00 from us. American Home Mortgage Servicing is currently servicing our loan. I have requested that they produce copy of my promissory note within 10 days. To this day they have not complied. Since I found out that about felony charges claim Argent employees and four others, including real estate appraisers, engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity, theft and tampering with records. This has lead me to believe they don’t have my promissory note. Mortgage Fraud is serious Problem we need your Help. The bank refuses to modify the terms of my loan. And If I pay off my home if they don’t have the note, how will I ever know if I can get clear title back to my home.

    Lisa Ritz
    5350 Don Mar Street
    Apopka, Florida 32703

    • lvent says:

      Early in the investigation of my own mortgage fraud I came to the realization that every bank and lender is really one giant bank…I believe there is enough evidence to suggest that BOFA who is really Bank of Italy owns this entire ponzi scheme via proxies/perps, they own ALL OF THE TOO BIG TOO FAIL….. on WALL STREET such as the INVESTMENT BANKS like Goldman Sachs, Lehman,Morgan Stanley ,they own AIG, Chase, Wells Fargo, All mortgage “lenders”, the title and trust companies, the ratings agencies, the “loan” underwriters, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, The Federal Reserve, the central banks, they own the head of the U.S. TREASURY TIMOTHY GEITHNER, THEY BOUGHT OBAMAS CAMPAIGN, THEIR POWER STRUCTURE IS WELL ESTABLISHED IN THE WHITE HO– USE AND IN CONGRESS……… name it, they are all really one giant conglomerate and one giant bank owned by the ruling Global elite, THE U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER and their minions OWN the IMF and the World Bank…The head of the snake is the SMOM/VATICAN/JESUITS……There is no other way they could have pulled this Ponzi Scheme off…and whoever they did not own, they bought. Their tentacles are far reaching. They are A/K/A the Illuminati and they control media, finance, law, government and education…This is why we have FORECLOSUREGATE the cover up for what they did which started on 9/11..We all should do our own homework…Do not trust, verify….
      Here are a couple of interesting links for connecting some of the dots….
      Here is a good you tube video about the NWO:
      Invisible Empire-Full Movie(1-14)

    • dnb says:

      Lisa I have Crystal Moore and Bly on a deed assigement ,, can you email me
      aries55@sbcglobal,net,,,, if you google Ameriques closed,, you will find citi took over
      Ameriques (Argent Mortgage ) Citi Residental said they did not.. not .. not .. take the LOANS
      THEY only bought servicing RIGHTS……..
      THE signer of NTC… has permission to sign as vice-president or sectary or or ,
      the Fraud is.. that these signer (s) did not read what they signed before they signed
      they could had been signing your home or my home over to a bank in EGYPT..
      also.. Bly as a notary is to watch every signature and ask if that vice-p understood what
      they read and are siging and are to ask for some form of ID.. to be sure the person siging IS
      the FRAUD IS .. the signing with out knowing what they read.. NOT THAT THEY SIGNED
      AS VICE PRES.. even though they has said in DEPO.. they have never been vice0p of any band or leaning … company..
      The Fraud is also those who draw up the assigement, for the signers to sign, those who are on the computor, drawing up the information… from you PRIVATE INFORMATION.. or your deed.. Just becasue some one come to them and say they own you DEED OR TITLE , how
      do they know it is TRUE..
      THE FRAUD IS IN THE PAPER WORk. most of the time when we sign a LOAN and the
      original Bank closes aS – AMERIQUEST, AND CITI REST, the LOAN NUMBER
      WILL change look at your original ,, and the loan your server is sending you it is differant
      not the same as you signed .. orginal……. why..
      you are ony responsibile for the note you signed with that loan number…
      ,,,,, as I lawyer I do not know for sure ,, I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice
      why or how do we know the loan we are paying on,,is our loan.. if the loan number has changed……
      and those at NWT… how do they know the forms , assigements, doc,, are correct ,
      the person drawing up the form does NOT HAVE THE BANK or the Leander sitting in front of
      them and do they have the leander or the trustee look at the paper work before the signers
      if the Trustee or the leander did look at the paper work then why not just signe with a notary
      as they have read .. the doc..
      also why is NTC.. needed.. most these banks have lawyers many.. who can sign..

  4. Yvonne douglass says:

    We have Byran Bly signature on assignment in Ohio, title problems and a foreclosure. Need a attorney help handle this mess!!!!

    • mildred says:

      Hi Yvonne, I hope you see this post TODAY but is there any way you can fax me a copy of your assignment with Bryan Bly I will do the same for youI have court on Thursday AM andit would be an asset to the case or email me @ sooooo hope you read this

  5. LUCINDA says:


  6. debi J says:

    “This is not a document issue. This is a FRAUD issue! I have found thousands and thousands of crystal moore and bryan bly. Palm beach and broward counties are so polluted with them day after day..week after week month after month year after year!! this is 3500 reporting counties they are in and now with LPS they expand into all 50 states…. Oh how lovily-its worse than bird flu x 100. This is the work of LPS-well they are the accelerant u could say…Fidelity is linked all the way through its like a sunsiderary freak show…. Link them to ntc by FINS and see what uou find. The web is deep and it is long. It goes all the way to AIG in china.didnt we bail out AIG with billions in order to keep the peace with china? Theres proof out there its rediculous our law enforcement is like an old snail or they are not bright or both or they dont care……the banksters were way too greedy and careless this time.
    When judge sasser is finally removed and punished and shunned and thrown off the bench, justice may have a chance. Her investments alone should be enough to disqualify her but when i saw she has FIServe stock-oMG. Dear Lord in heaven…does she have personal knowledge of the etent FISERV plays in this???
    They are resposible for the interlinked banking systems the highest level of technolgy in order to steal all of our personal financial data and identies. They go from western union to equifax-yes they set our credit scores and AHMSI pretends to modify loans all the while they are busily making up the back due fees with no intention of “buying back ” the morthage from the pool (again). (Hey have a nice script to read…for deed in lieu or cash for keys. They get incentives for temporary mods…nice -they know it wont ever be permanent …because with Each transaction selling the pool for lets say 85percent then it buys it back uder another incestuous subsiderary for 150 percent and on and on it goes selling the empty boxes for the insurance …oh yeah, they own that too…the insurers of the pools…it all comes back to freddie and fannie and ginnie mae goldman sacs and merryl lynch blackrock and alliantz. I could name the other 700 plus subsideraries but im losing it now!! The only thing good George bush did is come up with “evil-doers” nice description of himself…all of the evil doers are going to scurry around now and lobby the shit out of congress. Thats fair…We the people deserve access, not them! We the people cant pay to lobby we cant pay our mortgages…..
    If We the people stand up to them they will have to recognize …that greed is the ultimate sin and shall be punished some how some way. Pigs get slaughtered eventually …
    Wake up more sleepin in bed, no more backwards thinking time for thinkin ahead……as the great Harold Melvin once played…
    Lets take em so ready to stand up to them all even if im small!
    Thank you so much for the forum and the deturmination youve proved to me over the lat year and a half. . Ive appreciated the information so much as it inspires me to look at the and root and not the fruit! Please keep it up and God bless you from my heart
    Sorry if theres typos i got long winded and have to go!

  7. “Brian Bly’s employment confirmation at Nationwide Title” on Scribd

  8. Jose M . Gonzalez says:

    True that everyone should be familiar with Bly at this point but it’s equally important for everyone to review their own assignments and notes… My wife and I for example (Pro Se), our note was completed by the same firm currently representing them in court (conflict anyone) based in Plantation Florida and was Notarized by a Public Notary who’s seal and authority are limited to Texas. This notary also signed a document that was filled out incorrectly and states that it was not sign outside of Texas but in non existent State and County that seems to be the name of the “Assistant Vice President”.

    Everyone should always demand the notary’s logs and confirm that it was done in the presents of the notary within their authority. These documents are not protected under “privileged” but they will try.

  9. lisamarie says:

    When a title company goes out of business and disappears what happens to all the paperwork on peoples houses?

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