Toxic Titles Part Deux – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS


Oh oh…

This could be bad…

Back in August I published this report that Linda Green did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS).

Now the interesting thing is it wasn’t a “deadbeat homeowner”, a “loose cannon consumer advocate” or a “sleazy foreclosure defense attorney” making the claim.


From the August report…

Prepared by and return to:
Shapiro & Fishman LLP

Got that? “Linda Green, Vice President who at the time did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS)

WOW! (Assignment Below)

Linda Green
Lender Processing Services
Shapiro & Fishman

Action Date: August 26, 2010
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

On August 11, 2010, the Florida foreclosure mill law firm of Shapiro & Fishman (S&F) filed a “corrective” mortgage assignment (copy available in the “Pleadings” section herein). According to S & F, this “corrective” assignment was necessary because previous assignments filed by S & F were signed by Linda Green “who at that time did not have signing authority on behalf of MERS.” The day before, on August 10, 2010, the Florida Attorney General’s office issued a press release identifying S & F as one of the Florida law firms under investigation for unfair & deceptive trade practices involving improper documentation used to speed foreclosure proceedings. When Linda Green signed the prior assignments as a MERS officer, she was actually employed by Lender Processing Services in its Alpharetta, Georgia offices. Lender Processing Services decides which law firms get assigned foreclosure cases by the banks in hundreds of thousands of cases. Lender Processing Services hires the law firms and provides these firms with the documents they might need – using its own employees to sign the documents – without authority from MERS. The “corrective” assignment was signed by Kathy Smith and Joseph Kaminski who were identified as Assistant Secretaries of MERS, as nominee for American Brokers Conduit ( a company in bankruptcy since 2007). Smith & Kaminski are not actually employed by MERS or by American Brokers Conduit – so S&H may need another “corrective assignment.” The original assignment was dated October 17, 2008 – over two weeks AFTER the Lis Pendens was filed, but the “corrective” assignment attempts to solve the obvious lack of standing by a provision that states that the actual delivery of the documents took place on an unspecified date “and that such delivery of documents had occurred before default and before the filing to the lis pendens…” Courts and homeowners can expect a few more corrections from Shapiro & Fishman.

Lynn Szymoniak
Fraud Digest

Everyone remember Linda Green?

And Docx?

Here are some reminders if you don’t…

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LINK – Too Many Jobs – Linda Green, Tywanna Thomas, Korell Harp and Shelly Scheffey


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Well, it looks like that Linda Green DID NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!

How much you want to bet that NO ONE at Docx had AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!

Hell, how much you want to bet that most of these so called “Vice Presidents” had any authority!

Are all of these foreclosures VOID due to fraud?

This is going to get most interesting…


Well, the assignment of mortgage in question, dated October 17th 2008, was executed by Linda Green WHO AT THE TIME DID NOT HAVE SIGNING AUTHORITY ON BEHALF OF MERS.

According to Shapiro and Fishman’s “Corrective Assignment


Now there is this…


Looks Like Linda Green did not have authority to sign in September 2009 either…

From Lynn Szymoniak

False Credentials

Linda Green
Lender Processing Services
Shapiro & Fishman

Action Date: September 29, 2010
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

On September 29, 2010, another “Corrective Assignment” came to light, filed by the Florida law firm of Shapiro & Fishman.  Like the first Corrective Assignment, a statement appears in bold that the new Assignment was filed because Linda Green, now infamous robo-signer from Lender Processing Services in Fulton County, GA, did not have authority to sign as an officer of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) when she signed the first Assignment. This document states that Green did not have such authority on September 1, 2009. The prior correction stated she did not have such authority on October 17, 2008. It is not a giant leap to assume that Green did not have authority to sign for nearly a year. If Green, like the other robo-signers, executed 15,000 documents a month, for 12 months, there are 180,000 “erroneous” assignments, many of which were used to push through foreclosures by securitized trusts – the entities most often using Green-signed documents. It is one thing to quietly file a “Corrective Assignment” in the vast official records of various counties. It is quite another to notify homeowners, former homeowners and courts that a fraudulent or erroneous document has been used to foreclose. On most of these Assignments, not only Green’s authority as a MERS officer, but also the date that the trusts actually acquired the mortgages, appear to have been wrongly stated. Shapiro & Fishman is one of the Florida law firms under investigation by the Florida Attorney General for using suspect documents in foreclosures. Lender Processing Services, Green’s employer, is also under investigation by various law enforcement agencies. Shapiro & Fishman, however, appears to be the only firm filing Corrective Assignments though at least eight other Florida law firms (as well as law firms across the United States) used the Linda Green/MERS Assignments to establish ownership of mortgages and the right to foreclose. It is expected that Attorneys General of other states will follow the lead of the Florida Attorney General and require the leading foreclosure law firms to examine their documents and begin the massive undertaking of correcting past mistakes.

Guess who else signs assignments of mortgage en masse…

Yep, Jeffrey Stephan and Beth Cottrell, among many others.

You can view the corrective assignments below…

This sure is getting interesting…



Linda Green, Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment October 2008

Linda Green, Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment September 2009

11 Responses to “Toxic Titles Part Deux – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS”
  1. Ashley says:

    How do we find more of the research you have done? I just finished reading “Chain of Title”. The second wave is going on!!

  2. fighting mad, mad as hell says:

    Does this mean that we get to file against the banks now?
    How do we go about getting our homes back?
    In my case, what do I do? My house has already been sold.
    What about the total disruption of our lives, loss of property, the cost of restarting from nothing, the stress and the embarassment? No one believed me when I said that the whole process was wrong, that GMAC lied to me, gave me the runaround for months.
    Will there be a class action or do we sue them for ourselves?
    I’d sure love to foreclose on their properties!

  3. indio007 says:

    The fact is MERS doesn’t have the authority without some proof of agency from the payee of the note. You can’t grant authority you don’t have. Which of course makes me reflect back on the Deed of Trust in which the Trustor/Borrower grants rights to MERS that subrogate the rights of the note holder. This would make the note NON-negotiable because conditions are placed on the note. Why is no one claiming the note is NON-negotiable and broadening their defenses????

    Not to mention that the original text doesn’t say pay to the order that is stamped on retroactively.

    it’s just blowing my mind that everyone is acquiescing to the negotiable instrument claim.

    • fighting mad, mad as hell says:

      That has been the problem from the start, everybody fell into line with the “banks must be right” mindset and played the game by the banks rules.
      It’s taken years for folks to wake up and realize what has been going on.
      Judges, lawyers, homeowners and baliffs all simply did what the banks said to do. The banks set the rules for how the foreclosures were going to go and at first nobody questions anything.
      What is bugging me is that there are still sites, including the HUD official site, that tell people to try to get a modification, walk away, short sell, all the things that didn’t work and only made the hole deeper and wider and harder to get out of.
      That is the beauty of a perfect con, the victim does all the work for the con man, all the con man has to do is collect his goodies.
      Who would’ve ever thought that the banks would do the robbing?

    • Nathanael says:

      MERS was a fraud from *day one*. Its entire *purpose* — stated openly on its website — was to cheat local governments out of their mortgage recording fees!

      As you might imagine, the entire structure of it was illegal. By illegal, I mean simply that it never legally transferred the ownership of any mortgage to anyone other than the original lender, even though it pretended to. Sloppy sloppy…. and a fraud against the people who bought the “mortgage-backed securities”.

      The banks have been trying to paper over this unfortunate fact with fraud against the courts and fraud against the homeowners, which is what this entire blog documents. Unfortunately all too many people in power have gone along with the banks’ fairy story about MERS, rather than noticing that it was a deliberate fraud from day one.

  4. leapfrog says:

    Why is any of this acceptable to the court? Why is this allowed? How on earth can you “replace” or “substitute” fraud for more fraud???

  5. housemanrob says:

    Hey everybody, Our courts have become a CIRCUS. The only reason they will NOT allow us to attend public hearings, using excuses like the fire marshall to keep us out, is so they can sell TICKETS when the HIGH WIRE act performed by the banksters is included, in these courts, when this “house of cards” falls down!

  6. Tim Barker says:

    so does this mean they just get to file corrective paperwork without voiding the judgement?

  7. foreclosurefight says:

    “Kathy Smith” is bogus as well…she is a “Robo Signer” who has ties with American Home Mortgage Servicing, Deutsche Bank, Ameriquest just to name a few…

    Just google “Kathy Smith” “AHMSI” “Deutsche” and you should be able to find plenty of examples…

    She is tied to AHMSI in Texas…and I think that she is an Attorney as well…

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