Lee County Court Service Issues | Let’s “Give the Plaintiffs/Provest a Very Strong Argument Should Someone Challenge Service of Process”


From a Lee County internal email…

From: Ederr, Suzanne
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 5:20 PM
To: Cary, G. Keith
Cc: Kellum, Susan G; Bauer, Terri

Subject: RE: Certified Process Server Issue – Camille Cavallo

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One more minor twist .. .. Corporate Counsel for ProVest sent a 6 page letter seeking guidance as to how they can save their 300 plus served summonses. One thing that they do point out is that the list posted on our website did include Ms. Cavallo which means that she was technically on the Chief Judge’s list as of Jan. 22nd• I have since had the list pulled off of the website and we will post the new one for 2010 next week. In looking at the old list that was posted, I note that it does NOT indicate 2009 in the title, and so I guess ProVest sort of has a point in that she was still on the list as of Jan. 22nd• That doesn’t cure the fact the Ms. Cavallo didn’t sign a new oath and served process using her expired card, with total disregard, and does not change my recommendation. But, it does give me an idea as to how we may be able to help out ProVest.

I’m thinking that in addition to not including Ms. Cavallo on the 2010 list, we can also use language that REVOKES her appointment effective January 22, 2010, 11:59 p.m. We do need to do a revocation order anyway and we can just specify the effective date in the order of Jan. 22rd rather than Jan. 1st. I do not know for sure if this will cure the legal issue of whether service was defective, but it will most certainly give the Plaintiffs/ProVest a very strong argument should someone challenge service of process . .. Ms. Cavallo was appointed to the Chief Judge’s list of certified process servers and that appointment wasn’t revoked until Jan. 22rd• We don’t have to ((extend” her 2009 appointment or somehow deal with the issue of having her sign and backdate an oath to cover Jan. 1 thru Jan. 22.

Why is it that EVERYWHERE we look, EVERYONE is slated AGAINST the homeowners?

They are the ONLY people in this mess who DID NOT BREAK THE LAW.

To read the email and the judges letter in its entirety, head over to Matt Weidner’s site here…



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  1. MAGGIe May says:


  2. Randy says:

    Since I have read these docks long before the were posted anywhere let me explain. The process server isn’t the villain here. She was indeed caught up in the same garbage as the rest of us in Lee County. You see the way this board was set up for licenses the chairman was a main competitor. People were told to go to his office and pick up their license. Some who went would get orders and other wouldn’t. If I was here at that time I wouldn’t have went but required the government to give me the license at a neutral spot not the chairman’s private business office who then had his wife sign the notary signature. Much more to this coming out in the future. Notary signatures that are placed as required in the oath seem to have some significant deficiencies relating to those in the inner circle. Some were out of town when they alleged signed and those are the inner circle.

    As far as the issue of the January 22, 2010 date of revocation it was a sham. It never happened. All the licenses that were issued all expired Dec 31. 2009. There was nothing to revoke. The words revoke Jan 22, 2010 were by design to confuse for the benefit of the plaintiff’s. It was technically never renewed and just as invalid. But the revoke letter spells a conscious coverup, confusion, conspiracy and racketeering.

  3. fighting mad, mad as hell says:

    Everything depends on us being obedient an following the rules to make it easier for them to screw us over and over again.
    I’m so sick of the bulls^^t coming from all directions and it won’t ever stop until the people stand up and just take back any vacant home they run across and do the same as the banks, fake the papers, do whatever it takes to win and put the hurt on the banks.
    With the goal of forcing everyone out of being LAND OWNERS, then passing a new law to strip non-land owners FROM VOTING, PAY HIGHER TAXES, CANCEL ALL RIGHTS AND TURN THEM INTO SLAVES in our own country, I’d say TPTB are doing a pretty good job.
    From the title of one of the post from the side list, this says it all:





    # Tampa Bay Companies Help Lenders Transfer Home Loans, Foreclose

    # Tampa Bay Companies Help Lenders Transfer Home Loans, Foreclose

  4. Sui the Gator says:

    I have posted about ProVest’s involvement before, they don’t care about rules or regulations… they are after money. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they didn’t take care of crucial information necessary to conduct their business. They also push the process servers to the point of illegal activity, then don’t support them when they have to take the rap for being forced to do ProVest’s will.

    I work in the mortgage field, (underwriter) and glad the guidelines and integrity is improving, I have seen allot of stuff in my time, but ProVest takes the cake. I worked at ProVest for 8 months, (I was desparate at the time) their methods of getting people to work was bully tactics, and hiring people that don’t know jack poo..

    I think a thorough investigation of ProVest is in line (the AG of Florida is doing something) and they need to divert some of their profits that their Pres gets (he drives many hi end cars, that he flashes in the parking lot) to doing the job right. They are no better than the some of the attorney firms that are under investigation, such as Sterns and Watson.

  5. And the fraud continues……

  6. see says:

    WTF this is outrageous. What in the world made the people from Lee County think that they could make things earier for Provest? They come with ideas to help move the fraud along. Provest should have known that Cavallo did not get recertified and this Cavallo seems to be covering up her f’up. Everyone it seems to me screwed up royally. These people need to be fired now.

  7. lizinsarasota says:

    Oh, hey, listen, back in 2008 with an emergency motion in front of her from me, the evening before my house was going to be sold, the judge in my case picked up the phone – after hours – and put in a call to Shapiro & Fishman, and, in a series of back and forth emails, gave them advice about how/what to file to make sure the sale went through.
    Can you say “judicial misconduct”??!!
    She didn’t know – the B*#$@?! – that’d I’d already gone bankrupt.

    What do you call a thousand attorneys at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start.

    What’s the difference between a dead snake in the middle of the road and a dead lawyer in the middle of the road?

    Skid marks in front of the snake.

  8. debi J says:

    ITs clear that the Banks have everyone in their pockets all around. The horrific Lee county must be run by the KKK or some other equally illiterate radical white group who are corrupt to the core. Why does Lee have Docket Sounding? Can they make their pwn rules as they go? Can provest get away with sewers services that are lies? How many people actually got served? Everyone I talked to never got their complaint served to them. Why is that? Because the whole goal is to rape, steal, lie and confiscate homes they had no standing to do so. The banks are fowl. They are ruining our entire economy. Can’t anyone see what’s really happening? Its so clear and so sick and so deep. This was the goal from the start. Rape the public fund the banks. Watch the people eat from the garbage as kings sit upon royal desks and wield rom a wicked thrown…its called Wall StrEet or BOA. I could go on for hours. So long story short, the stem runs deep with corruption it must be pulled from its roots. Deb

  9. Bobbi Swann says:

    Okay, isn’t what this person is indicating by “back dating” an order to revoke breaking the law? I mean aren’t there some sort of paper trail on the date that it was originally revoked on Jan 22nd?

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