Abigail Field | Hey Californians, Make Sure Your AG Keeps Standing Up for You

Hey Californians, Make Sure Your AG Keeps Standing Up for You

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Dear Californians (and everyone else too):

Shortly after the State of the Union speech next week, Team Obama wants to announce a deal with the big banks, and he wants you to think it’s a good deal. The banks will deign to give homeowners in the settling states credits and a little cash, together totaling $20 to $25 billion. Precisely who gets how much would remain entirely in the banks’ discretion. In exchange, Team Obama is asking the Attorneys General from all 50 states to give the banks cradle-to-grave loan immunity, swearing off claims relating to how the banks made loans, serviced loans, and foreclosed loans.

Californians, Team Obama particularly wants your Attorney General, Kamala Harris, to sign the agreement because California is ground zero for a massive amount of lender and foreclosure fraud. AG Harris’s sign off would gives the banks a lot of peace. If there’s one place in the country filled with fraudulently made loans, it’s California, since Countrywide, WaMu, IndyMac and similarly shady companies did big business there.

California is Key

So the banks are promising AG Harris about $6 billion out of a $25 billion settlement. The $6 billion would go to California’s underwater and damaged homeowners. Since most people think “robo-signing” is barely illegal and foreclosed homeowners are morally flawed, $25 billion nationally, $6 billion to CA, sounds like an awful lot of money. Heck, “billions” sounds positively punitive, like the government’s being tough on the banks. So the pressure on her to sign will be intense. But here’s the thing: the deal stinks. The deal’s a present to the banks so generous Santa would blush giving it, as I explain in a minute.

Be sure to check out the rest here…

And please take a minute to call the CA AG’s office no matter what state you are from.

I think out of state calls will make a big impact as well.

So call her office at 916-445-9555.



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  1. Randolph (Randy) Frodsham says:

    Whether you agree or disagree (I happen to agree) with the content of this article, Because of the fact that there is nowhere on the CA Attorney General website for public comment on this subject, I remain skeptical that it is all for political publicity. Just a few months after entering her new office, Ms. Harris accepted approximately $25,000 in contributions for her re-election campaign from relatively high-ranking employees of Bank of America. Shortly after accepting those contributions, her office hand-in-hand with the California State Bar raided the offices of attorneys Mark Stern and Kramer & Kaslow who were preparing, and in some instances had already filed complaints in court against some of the big mortgage lenders.

    Obama would like nothing better but to remove all possibility of the treatment of American citizens by bloated financial institutions from any potential discussion this campaign season. I really don’t understand his concern as there is no one, on the Republican side of the fence, even Ron Paul, who has the gonads to raise the issue. With mass media in the pocket of the Big Banks it won’t be brought up, so I honestly don’t understand his concern.

    • Steve says:

      Yes, agree it’s all for political publicity. The website instructs you to file complaints with the Dept. of Corps. I don’t understand why they are the investigators. I’ve been sending everything related to the frauds and forgeries since 2010 and nothing has ever came of it.

  2. As a homeowner I would have to say that we are stuck taking whatever it is they give out, I just finished what took forever, a hafta sale, forgiveness on both first and second, totally grateful that B of A Servicers were able to pull that off, they sold my beautiful home for 174,000; which is about what it cost to get in the door over 5 yrs. ago, All of the money that they may sue the banks, will not bring back my home, or fix my good credit that I worked so hard for and is now totally ruined! I am down now too last home, now in default since a agent gave the tenants cash for keys too move while loan was current. I am waiting impatiently for my $3000. to move, some are lucky and can save while they wait for the bank to make a decision; all of my earnings have been spent on medical, utilities and maintenance for 2 homes, and here I sit, unable to move anything until the check comes in, and the agent and buyer want me out asap, rightfully so, it is now their home! Giving the banks a free pass?? Seems to me that they have already had one! Ivent is right, there is no way to fix this, in fact it continues on, investors buying up multiple loans??? California has been ruined, sure it will come back, but for those approaching retirement, or like myself already retired, will never ever see it again!

    • lvent says:

      So sorry to hear they did this to you Ruth!….They will all have to answer for what they did one day!…I hope it happens before they steal your home away!…non-judicial foreclosures are Unconstitutional..I will never understand how they got away with seizing the peoples homes without due process in the United States of America…esp. with a government backed loan….even with eminant domain it has to go thru the court system…the American people are simply being robbed…My dad and me were talking about what they are doing with the houses…my Dad said this is worse than what the commie Russians did…they weren’t deceptive about what they were doing…My dad said what the Government is doing here is being done under the color of law and it is evil…and the guise of debt I may add….I will pray you get to stay in your home Ruth and all of this commie crap ends soon…!

  3. readdocs says:

    They can make all the deals they want. In the end, the broken titles will still be broken regardless if the
    banks are held accountable or not. If they do get amnesty, they better make sure they’ve got their insurance
    paid up, angry defrauded borrowers are going to be flipping hot.

    • lvent says:

      You are so right readdocs…!..They still have no standing..no legally enforceable lien….they had 3 months from the closing date of the trust to deliver that loan file….in Illinois they have 30 days to record a release to a from the previous “lender” and an assigment……bottom line……there is no legal fix tor this no matter how many fake assignments they manufacture…they are worthless pieces of paper…those assignments transfer nothing without the underlying paperwork..

      • lvent says:

        The Bank and GSEs CEOs should be criminally indicted for this and fined with returning all of the homes they stole with these fraudulent docs….and any bank or anyone using robo-signed docs from here on the CEOs should be charged with a felony….including the robo-signers and the attorneys/foreclosures mill shut down…!

      • lvent says:

        There cant be any underlying paperwork or they would not have to manufacture assignments!!!! These assignments are worthless pieces of paper….they transfer nothing…!

      • lvent says:

        The PSA agreement and the prospectus tell the true tale of how these trusts were supposed to be set up and managed…that is why they don’t want you to see them…there were no trusts set up…that is how they got away with multiple pledging interests in notes…they made hundreds of trillions and they owe 700 trillion in collateral mortgage derivatives fraud because of this…their debt is massive and it can never be repaid….!

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