Safeguard Properties: Meet the troubled company that banks hire to break into people’s homes and take their stuff

Breaking and Entering

Meet the troubled company that banks hire to break into people’s homes and take their stuff

An Ohio company is being sued by homeowners who claim that that its employees broke into homes that had not been foreclosed yet and removed, then destroyed, all the items in them, ABC 6 reports.

The company, Safeguard, is hired by banks to inspect houses on the brink of foreclosure, then clean and secure them after the foreclosure is official. But many Ohio residents claim that the “property preservation company” arrive days and weeks before a foreclosure is official and, without warning, removes all the property within them.

Michael Cole told ABC 6 that he was in the process of moving out when Safeguard “preserved” his home, removing many irreplaceable items, including VHS tapes of his young daughters.

“I could always go back to those videos and see the kids when they were little and see those times,” Cole said. “And they’re gone, completely. I’ll never see them again.”

Denise Wilkinson told WCPO that she was also in the process of moving when Safeguard came to “preserve” her home.

“They took everything – all my pictures, my family photos – all of that’s gone,” she said. “They’ve ripped my heart out.”

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3 Responses to “Safeguard Properties: Meet the troubled company that banks hire to break into people’s homes and take their stuff”
  1. Tom says:

    I know someone disabled that went through a forced foreclosure back in 2009 because the bank, Chase, wouldn’t accept his payments. During the process they changed the locks on his home and stole thousands worth of his personal property.
    There was NO court order to change the locks either!
    He filed a police report, but they did nothing, as usual!
    The whole foreclosure process was, and is, a HUGE SCAM!!!
    So who goes after the crooked courts (foreclosure mills), lawyers, and banksters that have used and abused their professions for their own personal gains through massive fraud while destroying the lives of millions of American’s?
    No one!
    Because they are above all laws, and they’ll make new laws as needed to cover their fraud theft scams!
    Once you are targeted, especially the elderly and disabled, you won’t win to save your home!
    Also, the courtroom that this happened in, the Judge was having a lot of complaints filed against him. So the Judge actually called this guy from his cell phone to find out what people were complaining about. Isn’t that illegal for a Judge to call someone that has a case in his courtroom?
    Nope! Again, they can do whatever they want!
    That courtroom was so bad that one of the court recorders was sick of seeing the fraud and started providing people with documents showing the fraud. Did that even help?
    You can’t win!!!
    So what did they do after the Independent Foreclosure Review investigated what happened? They sent the guy a check for $800 as compensation for his loss.
    What a joke!!!


    I just bought a car charger putting it into my house as I was in a hurry. Found the door lock changed and the new charger in box gone. I had not gone into foreclosure at the time. This repeatedly happened. Also, found some of my things in the yard.

  3. Lynn says:

    Corelogic hired by Wells Fargo and I won my suit!!

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