Washington State: The People’s Lawyer – Fighting Against Foreclosure Fraud and Courts’ Abuse of Power


“I believe Americans will have to take to the streets in order to take their country back from the empire which has replaced it. We, the people, will have to join together at risk of peril to stand down the evil which has overcome our land.”


Washington State: The People’s Lawyer – Fighting Against Foreclosure Fraud and Courts’ Abuse of Power

Attorney Scott Stafne, of Washington state, is known in foreclosure fraud circles as the “people’s lawyer” – one who not only understands the complicity of mortgage fraud, but who plays an active role on social media and elsewhere sharing his knowledge and opinions with the general public. For people facing their own foreclosures, neglected by their own government and pushed aside while the banks still continue with their old stealing practices, Stafne’s engagement means a lot. Here he explain why he does what he does, and his motivations for fighting the big banks on behalf of the people.

Senka Huskic: How did a personal injury expert ended up covering and fighting foreclosure fraud? You’re a third-generation lawyer – were your father and grandfather involved in similar issues in their practice?

Attorney Scott Stafne: Foreclosure fraud is a type of personal injury, just one that our courts let the banks get away with. People who have their homes wrongfully taken from them experience all sorts of injuries, for which the common law of torts would normally provide a remedy.

My dad also practiced personal injury law and was part time City Attorney for Bettendorf, Iowa, which is on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, across from Moline and Rock Island, Illinois. Dad gained significant experience in annexation law as Bettendorf grew over the course of my youth.

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  1. STAN GALYEAN says:

    I set up an appointment with Scott Stafne a few months ago and paid him $300.00 for a conciliation as to what could be done with my lawsuit for unlawful foreclosure by IndyMac Federal Bank, a bank that had already gone out of business and had no assets or employees at the time of the foreclosure action. He advised me to throw in the towel and quit wasting my time suing…the court systems were to corrupt to get a positive ruling. I am in federal appeals court now waiting to a review of my case. It has been over 18 months and no word from the court. I am Pro Se and the courts have dismissed every action I have filled, even my TILA rescission which met all the rules for a rescission well within the three year grace period under Jesinoski. I am afraid this system will have to collapse before anything will be made good again.

    • Bruce R Nelson says:

      Dar Stan, I have great empathy for you. OCWEN/HSBC/AHMSI actually go a Portland Fed Ct Judge (Anna Brown) to over turn my pro se success in Polk County, OR (I was awarde my home unencumbered but over a year late these salime balls succeded in havein me dismissed with prejudise and gave my $300 k eqjuity the 3 crimanally charged outfits. I filed a gain via CFPB and after 2 years of bed faith ignoring me OCWEN now says “we lost your files” after I Fedexed a pound of dritical documents per their request. Now they clain they lost or misplaced them.

      Sir I shall pray for you that you ultimately win your case pro se. Be careul they don’t gert you dismissed with prejudice like Ann Brown did to me with my adversarys having not a shred of proof of standing.

      God Bless You

      Bruc R Nelson

      • STAN GALYEAN says:

        I have been to direct courts and filed suit 6 times on different causes of action. Each time the judge dismisses that causes of action with very weak reasons just to get rid of me and my case. Not once has a judge addressed the fact that false documents have been filed in the county records by parties with no standing or that even legally existed as an entity. With this kind of justice system, this country is doomed. I have place to go to in Colombia SA if things stay this way. I fear the end is near and all those judges will be doomed to live in the mess they helped to create.

        Sincerely, Stan Galyean

      • Bruce R Nelson says:

        Stan, make room on the boat for me. Ihave no illusions I will ver se a nickle of my $300k. I have been wiped out by Ocwen, et al. I have decided to try to goad the Federal Judge, HSBC/OCWEN,AHMSI to sue me for Libel. I’d just love the billionaire Wiber, the Vulture, who ripped of multimillios of$ from AHMSI suckers to wwin for defaming him Just like Queens Bench with Anthony Hokins which declared his character damages to his reputation valaued at one pence!

  2. Tricia says:

    Stafne has some wonderful things to say. However, he like other lawyers could careless if you don’t have thousands of dollars to hand over to him. Tried contacting him several times when my mom was trying to fight Chase on her own. She spent four years fighting them herself without ever entering a courtroom but in the end it wasn’t enough. Stafne’s firm couldn’t even be bothered to answer when we asked for help. It’s still about the almighty dollar. Sad to see someone lose their home of 40 years. Wonder whatever happened in the Beaten vs JP Morgan Chase case that was done pro-se. it was supposed to be decided January 2014. Now if you could really find an attorney that was willing to help those who are desperate to keep their homes.

    • Bruce R Nelson says:

      I met with a dozen attorneys in Salem area Oregon back in 2009. Every one rejected helping me (even legal aid) because they all wanted $5k to $10 k just ti review. None of then knew or gave a rats r ear about TILA. All were jackels, in my opinion

      Bruce R Nelson

  3. DC says:


    They will not listen to words or complaints and this is what we have accepted.

  4. Bruce R Nelson says:

    4Sir, congrats on what you do fous downtrodden. But why isn’t someone of your calibre finding our exactly why CFPB penalized Ocwn then handed we victims over to Owcen as pmbudsman. I am 77, disabled vet, Ocwen/HSBC/AHMSI collaborated to have a Federal judge in Portland, OR
    give my $300k equity in my home, never enforcing my argument based 100% on the fact that none of these criminas ever produced a shred of proof of standing. She dismissed me, pro se and willy nilly handed my home to several allegedly criminal companies, leaving me penntlessness on the street, thennCFPB created a 2 billion $ recovery fund for which I provided 100% of every document Ocwen claimed it need to process my claim now over 2 yrs ago and totally broke contact for the past 2 yrs, I contacted CFPB who contacted Ocwem who wrote me 2 letters this past March with “Maria Esquival, Ombudsmen writing Ocwen will review and contact me by 3/31, then only a week later Ocen advises me that Ocwen has “lost my entire file and would I send them a nother file, which is impossible at my age and health. I.E. theiur scam is to put me off unttyil when I die. Is anybody reallly policing these crooks, I think not and I am the loser!


    Bruce R Nelson

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