Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group

Pay attention all!

We have been sitting on this information for some time now due to ongoing investigations but since the cat is out of the bag here we go…

Over at  Matt Weidner’s Blog

He reports on the transcript and motion from a hearing held in a Volusia County Courtroom from Ice Legal.

Bombshell- Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure/Affidavit Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the attorneys at Ice Legal may be the most aggressive and hard charging Foreclosure Fraud Fighters in Florida.  When this whole system comes crashing down and when judges and the Florida Supreme Court put an end to the systemic abuses of the court process being perpetrated by the foreclosure mills, the attorneys at Ice Legal will rightly take their fair share of the credit.

Attached here is a must read Motion along with a copy of a transcript from a hearing held in a Volusia County Courtroom.  The Motion lays out a very disturbing set of allegations…

This is a foreclosure action filed by WELLS FARGO BANK, NA (the “BANK”). The BANK is represented by Florida Default Law Group, P.L. (“FDLG”). On behalf of the BANK in this case, and on behalf of other clients in other cases, FDLG filed affidavits to establish that the attorneys’ fees it was allegedly paid were reasonable. The affidavits purport to have been executed by Lisa Cullaro, the appointed expert on attorneys’ fees. The notary who allegedly administered the expert’s oath and vouched for her signature was Erin Cullaro, a former employee of FDLG and now an Assistant Attorney General in the Economic Crimes Division of the Office of the Attorney General.

Economic Crimes Division. The same Economic Crimes Division that investigates firms like the FDLG?

What is it that William Black said?

The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One

Well How about this…

The best way to stop a criminal investigation is to become one of the investigators

Not only was Erin just a former employee, it looks like she was one of the lead counsel for Michael Echeverria, the owner of FDLG (Florida Default Law Group)

Just recently their website went “offline” but Google cashed version is here…

I also archived it here…

The public records request also revealed that Ms. Cullaro completed a “Request for Approval of Dual Employment” (From the Florida Attorney General’s Office) in which she certified that her secondary job notarizing documents “does not create a conflict of interest (as specified in Chapter 112, Part III, Florida Statutes) nor the appearance of impropriety…”  Ms. Cullaro’s dual employment was limited to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 7:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Defendants proffer that they will show affidavits executed on days other than those approved by the Office of the Attorney General and that travel records suggest that Ms. Cullaro would have not been present in Florida on the date and time that an affidavit was notarized.

Here are the signatures to compare…

Focusing just on Erin Cullaro, the sampling of her alleged signatures below, demonstrate remarkable differences. And while, she proffers that she has abbreviated her signature over the years, the sampling reveals that more than one “abbreviated” signature has appeared over her signature line.

Indeed, if the signatures are fraudulent, proof of the intent to defraud may well hinge on the fact that these signatures were on documents used as summary judgment evidence in a court of law.
In any event, not all the signatures in Defendants’ collection are from affidavits. Obviously, Defendants should be permitted to inquire as to the obvious differences in signatures purporting to be that of the witnesses, regardless of where those signatures were made.

So the allegations made in this Motion are that Affidavits are being submitted in courtrooms across the state and Ice Legal questions the veracity of those affidavits.

  • They have compared the alleged signatures and do not believe the signatures were made by the person allegedly signing.
  • They have compared dates and determined that the Affiant or Signer was not in the state on the date of the alleged signing.
  • An attorney who works in the Office of the Florida Attorney General is executing documents that are being used to take homeowner’s homes from them.
  • Allegations of foreclosure fraud permeate the entire foreclosure case file in the form of other questionable documents, affidavits and assignments.

Why isn’t the Florida Attorney General’s Office doing more to protect citizens from foreclosure fraud and foreclosure rescue fraud?

And now the bombshell….Florida Default Law is fighting like bloody hell not to have these depositions taken….they’re filing Motion after Motion and have made it quite clear that they have no intention of ever letting these witnesses be sat for deposition.

What does it say about how deep this rabbit hole goes when attorneys are refusing to answer any questions relating to evidence they created and have filed in courtrooms across the state?

What does it say when attorneys are ignoring court orders to have their depositions taken after a judge has heard their objections and found them without merit?

What does it say about how many layers their are on this stinking onion when the Florida Attorney General’s Office is implicated in allegations of fraud on the Courts of this state?

You cant make this stuff up folks. This is better than a Steven King Novel!


What more PROOF do you want?

Foreclosure Fraud – Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud

The Whole Country is BOGUS – Fabricated Mortgage Assignments All Over the Country

Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings

Full Deposition of Jeffrey Stephan – GMAC’s Assignment / Affidavit Slave – 10,000 Documents a Month

Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck

Full Deposition of Angela Nolan Robo Signer at Chase Home Finance – Foreclosure Fraud on

Full Deposition of the Soon to be Infamous Cheryl Samons

This is so blatant and outrageous that if The Federal Government’s Law Enforcement agencies (e.g. The FBI, do not immediately bring federal charges against all involved in this massive Ponzi schemethey must be deemed intentionally complicit.

To be continued much more to come…

UPDATE: March 28 2010

Erin Collins Cullaro – Assistant Attorney General? Florida Default Law Group Attorney? OR The Presiding Judge that Forecloses on Your Home?



December 21, 2009

CONTACT: Pedro F. Bajo, Jr., Chairman; ,
13th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission
TELEPHONE: (813) 223-7333

The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is pleased to announce the following candidates will be interviewed for appointment to the currently vacant position of county court judge in and for Hillsborough County:

Lawrence Anzalone
Robert A. Bauman
Patrick Bowler Courtney
Erin Collins Cullaro


Guess the Money is too Good to Pass Up – Introducing the Cullaros New Replacement – Expert Witness for Reasonable Attorneys Fees for FDLG Florida Default Law Group


Motion / Transcript – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group

Cleaner Transcript Easier to Read

60 Responses to “Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group”
  1. Ray Shelton says:

    Ray Shelton May 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm
    If you are being foreclosed on By US Bank and or SN Servicing ( Please No Other banks or services please) Please check the signatures on your deed in your county clerks office, if you are sure that forgery or falsification of your documents has taken place then call me ASAP we are going after anyone who has wrong us by forgery and or uttering forgery under the RICO ACT. This is happening now 2014 Please join us. call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton
    #1. Did A Serious Crime of forgery and Uttering forgery take place by US Bank and their attorneys against you ?
    #2. The OCCs Cease and desist order signed by US Bank and its Board of directors specifically says that US Bank and its third parties ( Servicer’s and attorneys) will stop this kind of criminal activity immediately and make restitution, but they have only escalated their activities of illegally taking homes in Florida via Forgery and falsifying documents etc.:

    MEDIA STORY LINE. A Well known highly respected Florida Notary and his wife who witness the signing of a deed and mortgage have come forward and signed a statement sworn under oath that the signatures on a deed and mortgage were originally signed in Royal Blue. They even went to the Marion County Clerk of the Court and had another notary witness the fact that they viewed the recorded deed and mortgage that was submitted by US Bank and then witnessed that the documents were not sign in Royal Blue. But in fact were signed in Black. It is clear by any reasonable person or most important by Law Enforcement and our Judges, that after US Bank claimed a lost note status for a couple of years, they had no choice but to forge the deed and note in order to have standing in court.
    The Shelton family is being illegally foreclosed on by US Bank who has already paid out multi million dollar fines, but no one has gone to jail. Who is actually committing these crimes? Was it DocX or LPS or is it their attorneys? This needs to be discovered and prosecuted by the Feds because it is a very serious issue that is costing the American public billions of dollars in loses. It apparently doesn’t matter to US bank that the homeowner is right or wrong because no normal family can stand up to the money that is used to win by attrition against a homeowner. Who will protect the public and stop the destruction of hundred of thousands of families lives all across this nation?
    This is also very wrong because Us Bank and their attorneys may be undermining the integrity of our entire Justice system and the American way of life as it is known today. Will it end up that it is ok to forge our most treasured document without any prosecution by our government? This is becoming a crime wave that is unparalleled in history and America must stop it. Have Multiple interstate crimes been committed multiple times By US Bank and their attorneys ? Should these issues be considered within the Rico Crimes Laws. US Bank has not stopped their behavior, are the fines way to low and they just don’t care because the numbers prove that they can still make huge profits by continuing on the same path? Where is Law Enforcement? Where is Eric Holder? Where is OBAMA???
    The Shelton Family didn’t discover the facts about the forgeries until they had already lost in every court even the appeals court. Now that they found out and have proof of forgery shouldn’t all the other ruling be null and void? The Shelton’s are filing a Civil Criminal Lawsuit against the attorneys Andrew Braaksma and Paul McKenna and another Civil Rico law suite against US Bank and SN servicing.
    The Shelton’s have filed a bar complaint with the Florida bar against Andrew Braaksma out of Miami and his partner Paul Mckenna for Uttering Forgery and other reasons to be announced. They have also filed a complaint with the FBI and with the Florida Attorney General. They will soon ask the Office of State wide prosecution to take the case. There will also be some press conferences set up to expose the Miami Attorneys and US Bank. Shouldn’t this case be moved up to the Federal courts and demand relief and for the prosecution of the Miami Attorneys and US Bank? To join us please call 352 274 8467 Ray Shelton

  2. Celeste Rubio says:

    My foreclosure horror started in 2010. Proviously I was, I thought working with Wells Fargo Bank on a modification of my mortgage. In Dec. ’07 I lost my job, due to medical problems, I was unemployed and drawing no income for 6 months. None the less my mortgage was current. Finally in June ’08 I started working; mortgage was still current. In Dec. ’08 I called Wells Fargo to advise them that I would be needing their assistance as I didn’t have an escrow account and up to now I was paying the escrow myself. This, however had changed due to the time I had been unemployed, I had used all my savings to live on and pay the mortgage. They immediately referred me to loss midigation, which started a series of faxing paperwork to them by me. I had to fax them updated hardship letter, paystubs, etc. every month. In March ’09, since they had not helped with the escrow problem I decided to take a HELOC to pay my property taxes and payoff a car loan and some credit cards. I was still faxing paperwork to Wells Fargo. Around May ’09 I received a call from some woman at WF who stated to me that I was put on a payment moritorium for 3 months. Being unfamiliar with this, I asked her to explain and why I was not advised of this via mail. She convinced me that WF had taken this course of action on my behalf in order to allow me to pay down some of my debts with the money I would normally pay my mortgage with,and thereby be more favorable of a modification. I agreed to do it and asked her to mail me something in writing, I’m still waiting for that to this date. This woman never disclosed to me that by taking this offer I would be reported to the credit bureau, sadly I found out this fact when I went to use my credit card to pay my homeowner’s insurance. I was denied, an in fact my credit limits had been reduced on all my cards to what I was owing at that time. In the meantime WF was calling my home and office for the delinquent payments. When I finanlly reach someone at WF and offered to pay at least one month with my tax refund, I was told that in fact it wouldn’t make a difference and that anyway It was better for modification purposes to be past due at least 3 months. Now 18 mos plus in arrears WF served foreclosure papers. I countered with a “motion to dismiss” stating that out the 18 matters sited in the law suit there were 15 errors that needed to be addressed, one of which was for them to provide the original note. I have not heard from anyone from WF or the Florida Default Law Group regarding the motion to dismiss. Don’t they have to answer the motion? I must mentioned that after they served me with foreclosure, WF was still asking me to fax my paperwork for the modification. Doesn’t one department know what the other is doing. Needless to say they denied me for a modification due to the fact that I don’t make enough money, which they could have told me back in March of ’09. I wouldn’t have accepted their payment moritorium and I would have never been delinquent. Isn’t there something I can do? I recently had to be hospitalized with chest pains due to the stress waiting for the next shoe to drop. Wells Fargo essentially misrepresented themselves to me and didn’t properly disclosed to me what the consequences would be accepting their payment moritorium. I have been in banking for over 35 years, and if we did this to a customer, the federal goverment would scream bloody murder. I am 63 years old, the likehood of getting an apartment in a decent neighborhood at a reasonable rent is next to impossible. I have been in this home for 35 years, I am divorced and have a son living with me that is disabled, who is currently going through the long and dragged out process of Social Security Disability. I read in the Broomberg report that Wells Fargo recently had a judge rule against them in a case in Massechuetts, is there anyone out there that knows where I can get information on this. I am not giving up my home without a fight. Need help in Homestead Florida against Wells Fargo Home Finance, my email is thank you.

    • Thomas Perusi says:

      I have been through the same hell as you, Wells Fargo told me I had to go into default to get a loan modification. I was up to date on everything and had paid for 3 years on an interest only loan. I had 3 good short sales which they never intended to work with me on. They always said they lost the paperwork or they would wait after 3 months to get back with you and then your paperwork was out of date and you had to start all over again.
      I went through 3 years of hell and a heart attack later and open heart surgery they took my investment made me pay the taxes on the difference from what Wells Fargo bought my condo at auction (why would they if they did not hold the note? Freddie mac did which they never would tell me that. You waste your time talking to Wells Fargo because they just do not care and they want your property at rock bottom prices that is what it comes down to.
      The government gives them a bailout and they buy wachovia instead of helping those who came to them for it. I hope they all burn in hell. Now we have to worry about the attorney general office being in cahoots with Florida law group. It cost me 13 grand in taxes for losing $250 grand in payments and money invested in this.
      All you see on TV is libia and gas prices, this should be headline news but everyone who has power is in on this and you watch no one will be held accountable. Just go rent inside job the documentary and you have the guilty people right there and nobody has gone to jail. screw this government and how they treat their citizens. I am all done now with my personal hell and want to get over this but I just can’t let go. I can only hope the Florida Attorney generals office is not bought and paid for and we see some kind of justice somewhere somehow.
      Vote every incumbent out of office, I mean every politician that is in office now and who has been in office for too long just vote for the new guy and maybe one day they will get the picture and see they work for us.

  3. ROSA E GARCIA says:

    I had my house in orlando fl. and last year passed into the hands of Litton Loan Bank Mortgages do not understand because he was working with them a loan modification, the overnight without giving me chance kept the house, the explanation I got was that they never his department roles, I wonder, in the execution papers they sent me to say where they were in for because I never received any papers sent his lawyers, according to them, they also say that I visited the house when they themselves knew that this property was a second property and all documentation should be sent to Puerto Rico, also on one occasion, the operator told me that they did not send the documents out of using them tells me they should know because I buy property through First Franklin Loan Serving in Florida and I had no problem being with principal residence in Puerto Rico, then moved to Aames Home Loan, who in turn sold to Avelon Mortgage and is finally sold Litton Loan Mortgage which run the property without contemplating any . After a year I happened to hear about these performances would have bogus
    the possibility that my case was equal to this case. Please I need the guidance of someone. 12/17/2010

  4. Written in 1999. MERS foreclosure procedural instructions for Florida

    MERS Recommended Foreclosure Procedures for


    Version 1.1, 11 November 1999

    Foreclosing a loan in the name of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. is something new in the foreclosure arena. However, when the role of MERS is examined, it becomes clear that MERS stands in the same position to foreclose as the servicer. MERS, like the servicer, will be the mortgagee of record. It is the mortgage that gives MERS the authority to foreclose.

    To help make a smooth transition from foreclosing loans in the name of the servicer to foreclosing loans in the name of MERS, we have developed state by state recommended guidelines to follow. These guidelines were developed in conjunction with experienced foreclosure counsel in your state. We have been able to keep the MERS recommended procedures consistent with the existing foreclosure procedures. The goal of the recommended procedures is to avoid adding any extra steps or incurring any additional taxes or costs by foreclosing in the name of MERS instead of the servicer.

    MERS will continually review the guidelines and, if necessary, will issue revisions. The recommended guidelines to follow in your state are as follows:

    Mortgages are typically used and are foreclosed judicially. MERS local counsel advises that a loan can be foreclosed in the name of MERS. When MERS has been assigned the mortgage, the caption of the complaint should state Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as the plaintiff. However, this changes slightly if MERS is the original mortgagee of record, meaning that MERS is named on the mortgage in a nominee capacity for the originating lender. The caption should then state Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for [insert name of the current servicer]. The key is how MERS is named as the mortgagee of record.

    The body of the complaint should be the same as when foreclosing in the name of the servicer. MERS stands in the same shoes as the servicer to the extent that it is not the beneficial owner of the promissory note. An investor, typically a secondary market investor, will be the ultimate owner of the note.1

    The agencies (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae) require a blank endorsement of the promissory note when the seller/servicer sells a mortgage loan to them. Therefore, the note should remain endorsed in blank when the foreclosure is commenced unless it is legally required to be endorsed to the foreclosing entity and not just the preferred method. If it is required to endorse the promissory note to the foreclosing entity, then the note may need to be endorsed to MERS. However, we have not found it a requirement in Florida that the Note needs to be endorsed to the foreclosing entity.2

    Employees of the servicer will be certifying officers of MERS. This means they are authorized to sign any necessary documents as an officer of MERS. The certifying officer is granted this power by a corporate resolution from MERS. In other words, the same individual that signs the documents for the servicer will continue to sign the documents, but now as an officer of MERS.

    After a foreclosure judgment to MERS is entered, a public sale is held. The Plaintiff (MERS) has the option of assigning the foreclosure bid either prior to the foreclosure sale or in the ten (10) day period between the sale and the issuance of the Certificate of Title. The assignment is done with a motion filed with the court, and a court order is entered. If the bid is assigned, the certificate of title is issued directly to the assignee. This is the same method that is used when the servicer forecloses in its own name. Because the MERS recommended procedure follows the same procedure that is used when the servicer foreclosures in its name, no additional recording or transfer taxes are incurred by foreclosing in the name of MERS.

    Evictions are handled the same way they are handled when the servicer commences the foreclosure as the foreclosing entity. If it is an FHA-insured loan and an eviction is necessary, then the bid assignment is given to the servicer instead of to HUD. This way, the servicer will proceed with the eviction the same way it would if the foreclosure were filed in its own name.

    If the debtor declares bankruptcy, then proof of claim should be filed jointly in the name of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and the servicer. It is advised to file in both names in order to disclose to the court the relationship of MERS and the servicer. The address to be used is the servicer’s address so that all trustee payments go directly to the servicer, not to MERS. The Motion for Relief from Stay may be filed either solely in the name of MERS or jointly with the servicer. If MERS is the foreclosing entity, then it is MERS that needs the relief from the bankruptcy.


    1 Even though the servicer has physical custody of the note, custom in the mortgage industry is that the investor (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae or a private investor) owns the beneficial rights to the promissory note.

    Back to reading

    2 If the promissory note is endorsed in blank and the servicer has physical custody of the note, the servicer will technically be the note holder as well as the record mortgage holder. By virtue of having the servicer’s employees be certifying officers of MERS, there can be an in-house transfer of possession of the note so that MERS is considered the note holder for purposes of foreclosing the loan.

    Back to reading

  5. MK says:

    Google “The Dixie Mafia” and read the stories written by John Caylor about what he found going on in Florida and what they did to his mother for his honesty.


  6. Grady says:

    The solution will be found in filing criminal complaints against the robo-signers where there is evidence of fraud and individual or class action civil suits against the plaintiffs and mill fraudsters that are perpetrating this fraud.

    We have been on the defense long enough, we now need to go on the offense. We need to overwhelm the Courts with these civil actions and law enforcement with criminal complaints.

    We also need to file complaints against the judges that are ignoring the law and due process as well as protest in mass in front of the slaughterhouses, aka courts.

  7. Lit Gant says:

    So now e know why the Florida Attorney General is not calling for a halt on foreclosures.

    Now we know why he lost his bid for govenor.

    He must be so mad right now at Pro Se litigants and consumer advocates, he intends to do a white-wash job on the statute of liberty.

    We all know the fraud is all on the square right? We also know all this fraud can be learned in Pike’s Legenda on page 120 where he educates us on sympathy as the bank of shifting sand and who ever controls it, produces secret societies as did Magus the soverign pontiff of power. I think McCollumn has departed from the five-points of human dignity to embrace the ten points of judicial fraud in how to win in Florida courts and escape prosecution from the Attorney General.

    Am I shocked? Yes! I took this man as an honest servant of the people but now find he is a slave to big money interest. Wonder how much of his campaign money came from lawyers representing fraudulent plaintiffs?

    Ok, give the man a break. Will he get out some liesol and spray down the halls of justice and save us from the germs called roboite lawyers? Or will he just go to Discount Auto and pick up some christmas tree odorizers and pass them out to Florida judges to at least make the temples smell like home. I mean who would go into one of these shrines that smell like lilac and not go into a swoon and not care what happens?

    Even embalmers know how to take away the smell of death. And looks like our attorney general in Tallahassee is playing the role of undertaker and tens of thousands are buried in six feet of fraudulent documents. Put em down 70 x 7 seems to be his morning mantra as he enters his office each day.

  8. Well my foreclosure is in Pennsylvania, and I have been defrauded by Homecomings, then GMAC, and now Nationstar. I sent a complaint to the Texas district attorney, but he said there was no fraud found. Funny how they can find no fraud, when the did not even receive any documented proof from my allegations. The fraud is in every state and every courthouse. The government continues to give out money to these fraudsters, only to make some false remodification plan that is stalled long enough to put your home in foreclosure, then tell the court that you defaulted and don’t pay your bills. They are all getting away with this, and if they see you getting too close to finding the fraud in your documents, they put in MERS to foreclose on you while the courts just let them walk right in and steal your home. Remember that after they get you foreclosed on they tell the fanie Mae or whatever government agency is involved that they want their bailout for their foreclosures and get paid. Meanwhile before your ink was dried on the Note they have sold the same Note to several other securities while hiding behind MERS that forges documents, that the court wont throw out. We are all in very serious trouble, because MERS can come up with any forged document and sell it to the so-called lenders even if the home has no known Note or morgage attached to the foreclosure, because the courts let all these offshore criminals claim any property they want by putting their company as a mortgager and take the home. All the criminals need is to go to a courthouse and pick any property they please, and file a phony forged NOTE and sign mers as the benefactor in place, then they file a foreclosure for non payment, even though the property is free and clear until they get their hands on it. And when they get caught they bring out the MERS vault that is giving Wall Street all our property. Now that’s some profit. Using property that you don’t own as a security instrument, then selling the property several times and up to 30 times all the while using MERS to defraud all the courthouses out of transfer fees each time the note is sold. This I call wide range fraud, and most of the fraud is done by offshore deals so they can’t get caught, thats why they can’t find out who actually owns the Mortgage or the NOTE. After several years go by, they come back as another NOTE holder and sues for foreclosure all over again, and nobody is the wiser because the courts are taking it all at face value, even if the documents are bogus. Dont forget all these courts and district attorneys have invested in these same securities, and if they help to save homes they cut their own throat and will lose money on the fraud they paid into. What a bunch of monkeys we are for letting the government make all the laws that create these monsters at the American people’s expense. Get after your congressmen and tell them you are not going to take it anymore.

  9. Mark Guerette says:

    This is great stuff. I have been fighting my foreclosure for over 3 years and with all these illegal activities comming to light, it will alot longer.

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