Bank of America Finds Foreclosure Mistakes While Preparing Less than 1 Percent of Foreclosure Files

The bank found errors in 10 to 25 out of the first several hundred foreclosure it examined starting last Monday


No widespread problem here, right BOA?

By the way, most of these “errors” are FELONIES!

Bank of America Finds Foreclosure Mistakes: Report

Bank of America acknowledged some mistakes in foreclosure files as it begins to resubmit documents in 102,000 cases, the Wall Street Journal said.

The bank found errors in 10 to 25 out of the first several hundred foreclosure it examined starting last Monday, the newspaper said.

The problems included improper paperwork, lack of signatures and missing files, as well as cases in which information about the property and payment history being unmatched, the Journal said.

The bank told the newspaper that some of the defects seem relatively minor, and the bank has not found any evidence of wrongful foreclosures.

The bank found the errors while preparing less than 1 percent of the first foreclosure files that it intends to resubmit to the courts in 23 states, the Journal said.

You can check out the rest here…

“the bank has not found any evidence of wrongful foreclosures”

Well let me help you out Bank of America, since you spend countless hours reading this site, by providing links to some of YOUR wrongful foreclosures…


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Those are just some of the REPORTED stories from this past year…

I guarantee there are countless others that have been swept under the rug…


I sure could use some…

5 Responses to “Bank of America Finds Foreclosure Mistakes While Preparing Less than 1 Percent of Foreclosure Files”
  1. Read all about how BofA abuse the public in home loan modifications and foreclose wrongfully at times !
    John Wright

  2. Linda Venturella says:

    This is no surprise,right? All of these banks were in a hurry to confiscate homes they did not own before the $#^%&^ hit the fan. My sister had her house stolen from her by CHASE the Tuesday before the mainstream media started it’s slow leak of ‘FORECLOSUREGATE’ information on Wednesday, which was the very next day. My cousin was also fraudulantly foreclosed on before the story got out there. She has since gone back to court for a hearing with an attorney and the judge told her she did not have to leave her home. How big of him. Just a shame so many homeowner’s had to die before the truth came out . Complete vicimization. GUESS WHAT? Today, PHH mortgage sent me a new loan mod. request after trying to extort $51,000.00 from me just last week! The were kind enough to warn me though, to respond to them no later than Nov. 17, 2010, as I am still in danger of being foreclosed on by them. Looks like some suspicious activity is happening here. Someone is trying to cover their butts in a hurry or something. I think I have a bit of time now to sit back and plan MY next strategy, Thanks to you guys and you know, and the whole cabal . Just going to sit back now and watch them squirm.

  3. Michael says:

    Strange because with one click, in a few seconds, I found 930 that unambiguously have one very specific, severe error. That’s doesn’t mean 930 total; that means the first issue I thought of, using the most conservative search criteria, pulled in 930 in much less time than it took to write this paragraph.

    As we spend more time, expand our search tools online, or even just use more criteria I’m sure you can add a couple zero’s.

    Plenty of those “problem cases” where people already lost their homes.

    We’ll be happy to show you lots (and lots and lots) of problem files. You can keep running the reports on your own, but we’ll still find lots (and lots and lots) of problem files. You can hire one of the companies that managed to miss the entire problem, or that you own, but we’ll still find lots (and lots and lots) of problem files. Or you can hire us; we’ll still publish the research but at least you can spend the energy you’d have spent in vain denying the problem fixing it instead.

    Whether voluntarily or involuntarily it’s time to address and fix the mess; the days of white-washing it are over.

    Michael Olenick,

  4. jlsemidey says:

    there you go, can we call on every single person, meaning 7,000,000 foreclosed to get their foreclosure papers and hire attorneys?

    that would look better than a tea party rally.

    millions of Americans, wronged and abused. Deadbeats, non sense. For the people in the media and the finance world that are perpetuating the mis onception and lies regarding foreclosures you should ask your wall street budies to show you the fake and of course non existent financial models on which they base their assertions that they still need to foreclose “illegally” on an additional 9,000,000 homes, how would impoverishing more American families help the economy?, how would to add 9,000,000 more foreclosed hes on the real estate market help to improve appreciation and growth in the economy?
    how would stealing, lying, forging, fabricating, and denying people their rights help our country?, so far all the lies have left our country in debt, our families homeless and our communities devasatated.

    can some one tell me if this reality is not a moral hazzard?

    can a judge in anonimity of course explain why the felonoius behavior of these lenders is not a moral hazzard?

    can a goverment regulator explain why this banks are not seized?

    is that the moral hazzard argument only applies to those who are poor, who are unemployed, to those who are being run over by the banks

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