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Frustration with banks reaching boiling point

Errors, inaction, morass of red tape vex homeowners trying to fend off foreclosure proceedings — and may end upcosting taxpayers billions

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Keith and Julie Hanover of Kenwood hired a lawyer to help them with the nightmare of saving their home from foreclosure and auction. The myriad of loan documents and attorney papers are kept in a folder that weighs almost 15 pounds.


Some excerpts…

Keith and Julie Hanover felt like someone was trying to steal their home.

Bank of America had started foreclosure proceedings on their house in Kenwood. Yet the Hanovers had never missed a mortgage payment. In fact, Bank of America wasn’t even their lender.

The nation’s largest bank appears to have mistakenly determined it owned their loan due to a clerical error resulting when another mortgage company collapsed and was taken over by the federal government, according to court records.

The Hanovers spent seven months hounding and pleading Bank of America to fix the mistake. But none of the numerous bank representatives they contacted was able to solve the problem.

“It’s like their foreclosure process is on auto pilot,” Keith Hanover said. “It starts and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.”

Finally, distraught and exhausted, the couple hired a Santa Rosa attorney who got a court injunction to stop the auction of their home set for 11:30 a.m. April 30 on the Sonoma County courthouse steps.

“You’re just losing your mind,” Keith Hanover said. “We had never even missed a mortgage payment.”

Bank didn’t admit error

Bank of America has still not admitted it made a mistake in the Hanover case.

The couple filed a lawsuit in Sonoma County Superior Court to stop the bank from seizing their home.

“When they came and were literally going to pull our house from underneath us, we knew we had to sue,” Keith Hanover said.

But the couple had tried other means first. They agreed last November to refinance their loan with Bank of America to get a lower interest rate and fix the problem. They thought the bank would have to acknowledge the mistake once it ran a title history and required title insurance.

But instead of fixing the problem, the Hanovers started getting two mortgage bills every month from Bank of America. One bill showed they were current on their $630,000 mortgage. The other monthly statement continued to report they were months behind.

“They kept saying the paperwork would catch up. That everything would be OK,” Keith Hanover said. “Then they started to foreclose.”

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Let’s see, running tally of known “errors” this year by Bank of America…


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I think I see a pattern…