But not in in the 27 other states, which don’t require a judge’s approval?


Bank will lift halt on sales in 23 U.S. states requiring a judge’s approval

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The pace of U.S. home foreclosures may not slow much after all.

Oh yes it will…

Bank of America said Monday that it plans to resume seizing more than 100,000 homes in 23 states next week. It said it has a legal right to foreclose despite accusations that documents used in the process were flawed.

Flawed? Try more like perjured and felonious…

It’s not yet clear whether other major leaders (c’mon ap, LEADERS? You really meant “LENDERS” right? Or was that a true Freudian slip? Screen shot here from original ap post before it is changed) will follow suit and resume foreclosures in the states that require a judge’s approval. But the move by the nation’s biggest bank could give way to an industrywide effort to push ahead with a wave of foreclosures that have depressed the housing market.

How ironic on the LEADERS slip huh?

Accident or arrogance?

It’s not the foreclosures that have depressed the housing market, it was the fraud committed by the “LEADERS

Bank of America Corp. says it’s confident of its foreclosure decisions in a majority of its questionable cases. The bank is still delaying foreclosures in the 27 other states, which don’t require a judge’s approval.

Its move comes two weeks after the bank began halting foreclosures nationwide amid allegations that bank employees signed but didn’t read documents that may have contained errors.

“The basis for our foreclosure decisions is accurate,” Dan Frahm, a Bank of America spokesman, said in announcing the bank’s new approach.

So say you…

The company said it plans to resubmit documents with new signatures in the 23 states that require a judge’s approval to restart the foreclosure process. It will delay fewer than 30,000 foreclosures.

Resubmit documents? More like Re-Robo-Sign documents from individuals that have not had their depositions taken, yet.

Are these new documents from individuals that have personal knowledge with “sworn or certified copies of all papers or parts thereof referred to in an affidavit” attached? (Florida civil rules of procedure)

Not buyin it.

And what about the documents that were submitted in the first place?

Perjury charges, felony charges, fraud on the court, etc?

How ya gonna get around that when tens of thousands of homeowners file suit?

It has already started with GMAC…

And so it Begins – GMAC, Jeffrey Stephan Sued by Vindictive Homeowner

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Not to mention, none of this is really about the affidavits now, is it BofA?

Anyway, something stinks here…

You can check out the rest of their propaganda here…

I also included some of their foreclosure “mistakes”, along with others, below…




In my opinion, it is a lot worse than can be imagined because most “incidents” go unreported.


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